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Cut the car clutter with Amazon's most popular trash can, on sale for $10

How messy is your car? Don't worry, we won't judge — ours is no better. If you're like us, it's probably high time you tidied up your ride (think of it as prep for upcoming road trips), and the bestselling Hotor Car Trash Can might be just the solution you need. Speaking of cleaning up: It's on sale right now.

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A leakproof design means you don't need to worry about anything icky dripping onto your floor mats. 

$10 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal? 💰

This trash can is less than the cost of lunch at your favorite fast-food joint. That's a lot less than paying to have your car detailed (which averages between $100 and $400 — ouch) when the mess becomes too much to handle. Not only is this the highest-rated car trash can at Amazon, but shoppers bought more than 10,000 of 'em last month. That's a lot of clean cars.

Why do I need this? 🤔

Cars get messy. That's just how it is, especially if you commute, take the occasional road trip or have kids. Far-flung coffee cups, random receipts and spills find their way into every nook and cranny of your car's interior, eventually turning it into a disaster zone. This compact trash can gives you an easy place to dispose of food wrappers and empty cups, while the pockets on its sides can hold tissues, wipes and cleaning supplies to tackle problems fast — before they become a sticky mess on the floor or bottom of your cup holder.

If you need that precious interior space for something else, this can fold away for easy storage (just be sure to empty it first). Speaking of which: You can also use the Hotor as a storage bin for things such as chargers and snacks on long road trips. The inner lining is not only waterproof but easily removable. Just give it a quick toss in the washing machine and it's good as new.

Hotor car trash can and organizer
Is it counterintuitive that this car trash can is also an organizer for accessories, snacks or other essentials? Nay ... it's genius! (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

The Hotor Car Trash Can has over 34,000 five-star fans that have contributed to its popularity.

Pros 👍

"I tried three different car trash cans and this one fit my needs perfectly," one reviewer said. "It looks good too. The bag blends right into my black interior so it isn't obvious. I hang it off the back of the center console and it is long enough to hang below the air conditioning vent for the back seat of my Honda CR-V. My dog really appreciates that!"

"I bought this because I got tired of either keeping a plastic grocery bag in my car for trash or simply stockpiling trash until I felt the need to empty my car out," another buyer said. "This trash can does its job and is very convenient for those who wish to maintain a clean car. I don't have kids, but I purchased one for a friend who does and she found it to be amazing."

There's nothing quite like driving a clean car, as this reviewer attested: "I recently purchased this car trash bag can and it's been a game-changer for keeping my vehicle clean and organized. The design is sleek and fits perfectly in my car without taking up too much space."

Cons 👎

Shoppers love this little trash can so much that their main criticism is pretty darn minor — they want more liners.

"I've had this for a year and I love it," one customer raved. "It may look small, but I fit two grocery bags' worth of trash in this little can! I appreciate the adjustable straps on it as well, so I could perfectly fit it in my car. My only complaint is that I wish they sold the trash liners that originally came with it separately, as I'd buy more of them! However, I've just been using it without a liner since I ran out and I haven’t had any leaks or accidents at all."

Another shopper echoed that sentiment. "The one (small) downside is that I wish it would come with more little trash bags. Other than that, I love it!"

This easy-to-use car trash can is available in several colors (prices vary). There's also a 3-gallon version for a still-worth-it $19.

$12 at Amazon

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