How To Cut A Round Loaf For Fun And Easy Pull-Apart Bread

Pull-apart bread
Pull-apart bread - from my point of view/Shutterstock

Imagine how fun it would be at your next game night or watch party to have a round loaf centerpiece that your guests can easily pull tiny delicious chunks of bread from because it's been cut into pull-apart bread. What if the crevices of that pull-apart loaf were filled with all kinds of tasty toppings -– like creamy cheese and smoky bacon -– that made each slice of your pull-apart bread absolutely scrumptious? Well, you don't have to imagine it. All you need is a knife and the proper cutting technique to make this a deliciously fun reality.

Once you've chosen your absolute favorite round loaf of bread, add a layer of bread crust toppings to give it some extra flavor and texture (you can do this after cutting your round loaf as well). Grab a serrated knife, and cut the bread in a cross-hatch pattern. How do you do this? Slice the bread in parallel lines all the way across, but do not cut all the way through the bread. Let your knife stop at about a quarter inch from the base of the loaf. There should be about an inch of space between each slice of bread. You then slice the bread in perpendicular lines all the way across to create a cross-hatch pattern. Now you've got yourself some fun and delicious pull-apart bread. But this isn't the only way you can cut your round loaf into pull-apart bread.

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Try Cutting Your Round Loaf To Create Cake-Like Pull-Apart Slices

Pull-apart pizza bread
Pull-apart pizza bread - TheCooknShare / YouTube

Many cakes are baked into a round shape that can be cut into long, thick, triangular slices. If you'd prefer, you can actually cut your round loaf into pull-apart pieces that will resemble cake slices. This cutting method is especially good if you're trying to make pull-apart pizza bread. If you want to try this, you'll need a long serrated knife (which is actually the best kind of knife to use for cutting cake layers).

Position your knife over the center of your round loaf. Cut through the round loaf lengthwise, stopping just short of the bottom of the loaf. Turn the loaf 90 degrees and cut through the center of bread lengthwise again, stopping short of the base of the loaf. Next, turn the loaf 45 degrees and cut diagonally lengthwise through the bread. Shift the loaf 45 degrees one more time, and cut through the bread diagonally. Your bread should then resemble a cake with large slices cut all throughout that can be pulled apart.

You Can Also Cut Your Pull-Apart Bread Into Diamond-Shaped Slices

Pull-apart bread
Pull-apart bread - The Pioneer Woman

If you're making pull-apart bread for party guests or relatives at a family gathering, you should prioritize the visual presentation of your bread just as much as your recipe. Pull-apart bread with a distinctive aesthetic can be even more appetizing for those being served. That's why you should consider cutting your round loaf into diamond-shaped pull-apart bread. Diamond-shaped cuts of pull-apart bread are longer, and their opposite ends are easy for grabbing with two fingers, making them great finger food for your game day or barbecue.

To cut your round loaf into diamond-shaped pull-apart slices, first use a serrated knife to cut parallel lines lengthwise across the entire loaf into thick slices. Just remember not to cut all the way to the bottom of the loaf. Next, give your loaf a 45-degree turn and slice again, making diagonal pieces crosswise through the entire loaf. You should have nicely cut diamond-shaped slices of pull-apart bread that you can then fill with delicious ingredients, such as cheese and garlic to make garlic bread. If you do choose to make garlic bread, you may want to skip the melted butter.

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