Curried Egg Salad Is An Elevated Take On A Classic Dish

Egg salad with dill garnish
Egg salad with dill garnish - Stephanie Frey/Shutterstock

As the most influential pop group of our time said, it is essential to spice up your life. There are no truer words to live by, even when it comes to time-tested recipes that go back decades (if not centuries.) Classic egg salad is a recipe simple enough that most anyone can make it and versatile enough that it is also due for some improvisation. Adding bits of flavor to egg salad can offset kitchen fatigue. One can always add acid or dill to the mixture to adhere to the tried and true method, but a simple spice can make all the difference.

Curry powder is a staple for chicken and rice dishes and there is no reason it wouldn't meld well in the sometimes bland concoction of egg salad. In fact, it may give this dish the kick it needs. And curried egg salad is as easy to make as egg salad itself. After boiling and chopping up your eggs, mix them up with some mayo with a generous helping of curry power and you're off to the races.

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Toss In Curry Powder With Your Egg Salad

Curry powder in a bowl
Curry powder in a bowl - asmiphotoshop/Shutterstock

In much of Westernized cooking, curry powder is known to be a central ingredient in Indian dishes. However, authentic dishes from the area don't contain this spice at all. Curry powder was the result of Britain's attempt to replicate authentic Indian fare. Curry powder is typically some combination of turmeric, cumin, and coriander and gives off a fragrant and warm flavor profile, which makes the spice a welcome addition to many different dishes. Adding the spice can accentuate any meal from soups to marinades and of course a time-tested recipe like egg salad.

Curry is an exceptional addition to foods that don't have as strong a flavor profile. Though it does not contain a particular punch like pepper, curry offers a robust flavor. Eggs have an extremely mild flavor and the curry powder will help spice it up. Your run-of-the-mill curry power from the grocery store would pair well with the flavor of egg salad, or you can even whip up a makeshift batch of your own spices. Add some ginger to round out the flavor or red pepper if you feel particularly adventurous.

Ways To Serve Egg Salad

Egg salad sandwich
Egg salad sandwich - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Varieties of egg salad are enjoyed all around the world and have many uses. In the United States, using it in a sandwich is the most common. As with any vintage recipe, the ways to use it vary. With a typical base of chopped-up egg and mayo, consumers also add pepper, dill, and Worcestershire sauce when making the perfect picnic sandwich. In this form, mixing curry powder with the rest of the spices to create a delectable taste is the easiest technique.

Egg salad can also work in snack serving sizes whether you are eating for one or looking for some simple hors d'oeuvres for a group. Scoop up a dollop and place it on a cracker of your liking. Something like a Ritz cracker would work because of its additional salt profile. Some have even been known to eat egg salad as its own side course. Adding an ingredient such as shrimp would add even more protein and contribute a flavor that would meld well with curry. And there you have it -- shrimp curry with a definitive American twist.

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