Cup Noodles releases poisonous pufferfish-flavored instant ramen


Nissin Group has incorporated pufferfish, a fish renowned for its highly poisonous nature but considered a delicacy in Japanese cuisine, in its new ramen product under the Nissin Raoh line. While the traditional dish known as “fugu” (blowfish) can cost between 10,000 and 30,000 yen ($63 to $188) in a Japanese restaurant, Nissin’s version, released on Monday, is priced at just 298 yen ($2).

  • What’s in the pack: Called the “Nissin Raoh Fugu Dashi Salt,” Nissin’s new instant ramen includes a packet of oil that imparts the taste of pufferfish. Other ingredients include dehydrated spring onions, Japanese-style shredded egg and chicken meatballs, all ready to be mixed in a soup base flavored with yuzu, a citrus fruit commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

  • Puffer poison: Pufferfish are known for containing the deadly poison tetrodotoxin, which poses significant health risks to humans but not to animals like snakes and toads. Eating poorly prepared pufferfish can cause health issues such as dizziness, convulsions and, in the worst cases, death. Japanese chefs are required to undergo at least two years of training before they are allowed to take examinations to become certified to cook fugu.


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