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It’s not too late! These 10 affordable, cult-fave products at Amazon will arrive in time for Christmas

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Muddy Bites, beanie headlamp and Clongs.
Clever, on-point gifts to delight everyone on your list. (Photo: Amazon)

Still scrambling to find the right gifts for the last few people on your list? Look no further. We’ve gathered up the best presents with super-high Amazon ratings that will still arrive in time for Christmas Day. These are items that tens of thousands of reviewers absolutely love — and they’re all under $50.

When you give these future-favorites to friends or family (or yourself, because you definitely need a few of these) they’ll think of you fondly all year long. So get comfy and get ready to solve any remaining mysteries on your gift list: Purchase in multiples (you’ll be so glad you did, when you realize there’s a name you forgot).

Buy today, and these will all arrive in time for Christmas. We predict sell-outs across the board. On your mark...get set...go!

This credit card-sized hair removal tool

Hand holding a credit card sized plastic piece that is red in the center with black rubber around the rim.
Effortlessly collect lint or fur from clothing and upholstery. (Photo: Amazon)

The fur babies are great, sure. But the tumbleweeds of fur they leave behind? Not so much. Give the gift of an effortless clean with this convenient collector tool. About the size of a credit card and lined in rubber, this tool can be run across car upholstery, rugs and any other fabric surface to quickly collect the fuzz.

Over 31,000 five-star reviewers say it's the cat's meow. One exuberant shopper shares, "My days of desperate pleas with the vacuum gods to please please PLEASE get the hair out of the couch cushions are OVER! No longer will I slave over and over again with a pet hair attachment on my Dyson, alternating between cussing and crying as I try to remove my beloved packs leftover locks...Today is a day of exhalation! Of joy! Of freedom!"

$12 at Amazon

These nostalgic snacks for $6 a bag

Snack bag made to look like there is melted chocolate dripping down from the top with mini waffle cones filled with chocolate depicted on the packaging.
Bite into the best part of a sundae cone. (Photo: Amazon)

Remember that last glorious bite of a drumstick from the ice-cream truck on a hot summer day? The bite that's filled with a thick bite of chocolate at the bottom of the cone to prevent the ice-cream from dripping down your arm? Well, now you can enjoy a bag of those bites thanks to this clever snack.

Get five re-sealable bags of Muddy Bites for $30 (that's 6 bucks a bag) and spread the joy among family members and friends. One pleased purchaser reports: "Bought this as a gift for my sister — ended up eating an entire bag to myself!!! the chocolate is so fresh the cones are crunchy all the ingredients are 'real' stuff. SUCH a great product will purchase again."

$30 for five at Amazon



This puzzle that will become a work of art

Still life of glass jar filled with puzzle pieces next to puzzle box and tube of glue.
This puzzle is pretty whether it's assembled or not! (Photo: Amazon)

Puzzles may be the perfect wintertime activity, stimulating your brain and your senses in one fell swoop. But when the snow starts to melt, are you really supposed to dismantle all that hard work and put the pieces back into the box to just collect dust? Not anymore.

Jiggy puzzles are meant to provide entertainment and then become display-worthy accomplishments. The pieces come in a reusable glass jar along with glue and a straight-edge tool to help puzzlers secure the pieces in place before proudly displaying their efforts.

$49 at Amazon

This USA-made cast-iron skillet that makes everything taste better

Cast iron skillet with red silicone handle cover next to ti.
A beauty on its own, this skillet comes with a fitted silicone handle grip, at no extra charge. (Photo: Amazon)

A cast-iron skillet is a must in every chef’s (or aspiring chef’s) kitchen. And Lodge’s hefty, pre-seasoned classics are trusted and beloved. The company, founded in 1896, gets a lot of love from Amazon shoppers: This generously sized skillet has a 5-star rating from more 96,600 reviewers. A great gift for anyone, even if all they ever make is scrambled eggs (so much more delicious when cooked in cast iron).

“Really a great purchase—love this cast-iron skillet,” says one of many, many fans. “.... I also really like the fact that this is made in the USA. American-made products are just not easy to find anymore. But really, the proof in the quality of this cast iron was obvious when i made sweet potato corn bread and baked it in the oven in this skillet. It came out so nice and brown and moist.”

$30 at Amazon

This book that will take you around the world... from the comfort of your couch

Blue book cover with
The creators of the cult-favorite travel site Atlas Obscura take us around the world through food. (Photo: Amazon)

A bestseller in its category on Amazon, this epicurean delight takes readers across all seven continents to marvel at some of the world's most interesting ingredients and how people have used them. Think: Minnesota butter sculptures or fish sauce factories discovered from the ancient Roman Empire. This assortment of history, travel culture is sure to delight a food enthusiast on your list.

One five-star reviewer called it "Sumptuous. Revolting. Luxurious. Shocking. Deeply informative." Another explains, "This isn’t the kind of book you read in one sitting. This is the kind of book you pick up over and over again, and even again to reference before taking a trip. It makes an amazing gift for any food- or travel-lover in your life, but make sure to get one for yourself as well, because every page holds beautifully written delights."

$26 at Amazon

These practical (and fun) meat shredders, just $13

Large hunk of pork on bamboo cutting board with bear claw shredders laying on one end with shredded meat nearby.
Way more primal than an electric knife. (Photo: Amazon)

A No. 1 bestseller, this set of wolverine-like claws make a great gift for the grill master in your life. Or, honestly, anyone who cooks (they double as salad tossers!).

“A great set of shredders for the price,” writes a reviewer who replaced an old pair by another manufacturer. “These Bear Paws are sharp, they shred meat easily and fit my hands very well. They're comfortable to hold, which is nice when shredding 10 to 20 pounds of pork for a party. I also use one claw when carving meat. I stick one claw into the meat to hold it steady while I carve with a knife, works much better than trying to use a fork...” They’re also great for mixing salads or lifting a turkey out of the roasting pan.

$13 at Amazon

This fun game they can even play by Zoom, just $16

Orange box with wobbly-eyed bald cartoon man and the title
Give them a really fun night in. (Photo: Amazon)

Among Amazon’s most popular games is this quirky drinking game that’s sure to bring on plenty of belly laughs. If your family or friends could use a little prompt to keep things interesting, this hilarious game with a 5-star rating from over 20,000 reviewers is for you.

Says a happy shopper: “This game is easy to play, silly, and fun. Even between two people, it's a fun way to spur conversation and have something to do while drinking together.” And it has staying power, too: “...the different people you play with make the game new every time.”

$16 at Amazon



This natural-clay face mask that’s only $15

White tub with label that says
A generous container of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a natural-beauty boon at an absolute steal. (Photo: Amazon)

The quintessential natural clay mask is one of those awesome, affordable secrets held close by beauty experts — and your giftee will never look back at expensive brands once she indulges in it. And at just $15 for a one-pound tub, it will last practically forever. Nearly 46,000 reviewers give it a 5-star rating, with some saying it’s totally transformed their skin.

“Saved my face,” wrote a bride-to-be who shared her before and after photos in her review. “I’m getting married in two weeks and about three months ago I said, ‘wow, ok, this is my skin. How am I going to cover it up for the wedding?’ I came across this mask online and saw reviews and thought, ‘there is no way this mask helps with acne marks. I have yet to find one that does.’ Three months later the results just show you how fast and amazing this product is. I will never use another face mask!!!!”

$15 at Amazon


This ingenious invention that eliminates the need for a spoon rest

Tongs with red silicone tips and curve at the neck to keep those tips elevated.
The one time it's okay for elbows to be on the table. (Photo: Amazon)

If you're constantly scrubbing up the counter after cooking a spaghetti dinner, these grippers may be the solution for you. Available in red or black and nine, 12 or 15 inches, the tongs will help keep your kitchen clean. A clever curve at the neck elevates the silicone-covered tips to prevent them from transferring sauce or oil onto your countertop surface. Plus, the waffle design of the silicone itself makes for an extra-grippy hold so your noodles won't escape before they reach the bowl.

One clean customer declares, "A super design idea, silicone grabbing ends so perfect for non-stick coated cookware. Buy some for your friends and they'll think of you every time they use them."

$20 at Amazon

This $5 gag-gift-that’s-not-really-a-gag that folks swear by

Small white bottle with yellow and black foral decals that says
Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is as effective as it is funny. (Photo: Amazon)

Want a gag gift that will actually be put to use? The iconic Poo-Pourri toilet spray is a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon because it actually works wonders. And with a 5-star rating from over 116,500 reviewers, people swear by it. Great for anyone in a crowded house.

“It has an amazing lemon scent,” said a grateful five-star reviewer. “It is very fresh and not overpowering. It is not synthetic smelling. With most room sprays, you end up just smelling flowery poo. This masks the smell completely. I can walk in the bathroom 30 seconds after my boyfriend and only smell lemon.”

$5 at Amazon


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