Crumbl Launches 2 Big Game Cookies For Super Bowl 2024

Crumbl Game Day Cookies
Crumbl Game Day Cookies - Crumbl

It's time for the Super Bowl and you have your pizza, your wings, and your beer, but do you have your gameday cookies? The spreads at Super Bowl parties can get elaborate with dips and sandwiches and everything else, but you don't want to neglect the sweet side either. Anyone can throw out some nachos and soda, so what will make you a real champion in the eyes of your guests is knocking their socks off with a clutch dessert. Of course, you probably already have your hands full prepping a hundred different things, and you don't want to spend the time to bake a full cake or hundreds of cookies. That's why Crumbl has your back with two new cookies for this year's Super Bowl.

The carefully copyright-compliant "Big Game Cookies," will be available for three days, from Thursday, February 8, to Saturday, February 10, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. The Big Game Cookies come in two equally carefully named flavors: "Team Red & Black" and "Team Red & Gold." This does make things a little tough to parse as both Super Bowl teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, use red, black, and gold as colors. But since KC's colors lean more yellow than gold, we're gonna say the Red & Gold cookie is repping the Bay Area.

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Crumbl's Big Game Cookies Come In 2 Unique Flavors For The Super Bowl

Crumbl store front
Crumbl store front - Crumbl/Facebook

Crumbl says that each of its Super Bowl offerings "has a unique flavor profile and texture, making them the ultimate companions for football enthusiasts and sweet-toothed fans alike." The Red & Black Cookie features a dark chocolate base with cookies & cream crumbs. It's topped with cream cheese frosting that's swirled red and white, with more cookies & cream crumbs on top. The Red & Gold Cookie has an original cookie base with golden cookies & cream crumbs. It also has a red and white swirled cream cheese frosting, although it swaps out the normal chocolate cookies & cream crumbs for a vanilla version.

As an extra help to people hosting big parties, Crumbl also offers catering trays. Just remember that Crumbl is closed on Sundays, so it won't be open on the day of the Super Bowl. Instead, orders should be placed in advance. As the fastest-growing dessert chain in the country, which now has over 900 locations in all 50 states, it shouldn't be too hard to stock up on some Crumbl cookies for the Super Bowl. No matter how each team fares on Sunday, it should make everyone in attendance at your party pretty happy.

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