'The Crown' Recreated One of Princess Diana's Most Famous Photos in the Season 6 Trailer

The first part of the final season will hit Netflix on Nov. 9.

<p>Des Willie/Netflix</p>

Des Willie/Netflix

While fans of The Crown may still have to wait until Nov. 9 to get their hands on the first half of the series’ final season, the trailer for the Netflix hit drama is finally here — and it features a recreation of one of Princess Diana’s most famous photos.

Within the first five seconds of the season 6 trailer, Princess Di (played by Elizabeth Debicki) is shown sitting on the edge of a diving board, swinging her legs in a bright blue one-piece swimsuit as her voiceover says, “Don’t really understand how I ended up here.”

Those familiar with royal family history will recognize the shot as an exact recreation of a now-famous photo of Diana sitting alone on a diving board just a week before her tragic death. In the original snap, the late princess was seated on Mohamed Al Fayed’s private yacht while on vacation with her new beau, Dodi Al Fayed, in the South of France.

<p>Keith Bernstein/Netflix</p>

Keith Bernstein/Netflix

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Although season 6 will follow Princess Diana’s final weeks leading up to her fatal car crash in 1997, The Crown creator, Peter Morgan, recently told Variety that there was never a question whether or not the moment of impact would be featured on screen.

“Oh, God, we were never going to show the crash,” he shared. “Never.”

However, Morgan did confirm that rumors of the princess’s ghost appearing in the final season were, in fact, true, adding, “I never imagined it as Diana’s ‘ghost’ in the traditional sense. It was her continuing to live vividly in the minds of those she has left behind. Diana was unique, and I suppose that’s what inspired me to find a unique way of representing her. She deserved special treatment narratively.”

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