As Crocs sales soar, here’s why now's the time to buy into the comfy footwear trend

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As Crocs sales soar, here’s why the comfy footwear is worth it. (Getty Images)
As Crocs sales soar, here’s why the comfy footwear is worth it. (Getty Images)

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Years ago, if you mentioned the word 'Crocs' in fashion circles, you'd have been laughed out of the room.

But the famously ugly shoe has made a comeback of impressive proportions. 

Back in April, Crocs reported record sales in the first three months of the year, revealing sales rose 64% to £331m in the first quarter compared to the same period last year. Pre-tax profit also grew to over £88m between January and March from a previous £13.5m.

Crocs' chief executive, Andrew Rees, now expects sales for the full year to rise by as much as 50%.

In fact, the chunky style has been dubbed the "it-shoe" of the pandemic, and has been seen on the feet of celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Justin Bieber, Ruby Rose and Priyanka Chopra (who is an ambassador for the brand). 

On TikTok, the #crocs hashtag has gained over 1.6 billion views, and there are an increasing number of Instagram posts showing fans customising their pair with "Jibbitz" shoe charms.

So, why have so many gone to the Crocs side?

In a year when we've all prioritised comfort, it's no surprise that Crocs' popularity has soared.  

Whether you use them as your house slippers, for walking the dog or pottering about the garden - the lightweight and versatile rubber shoes are undeniably comfy, practical and easy to clean. 

Plus, there are now several styles to suit varying needs, from fleece lined insides for an extra cosy touch, to aesthetically pleasing floral numbers.

With a pair only setting you back £20 - £30 you'll quickly find that they pay of themselves in cost per wear. 

Sold? We've picked out our favourite pairs of crocs to invest in right now. We've divided them into best for men and women, but of course all crocs are unisex and can be mixed and matched.  

Our top Crocs picks for men

AMOJI Garden Clogs Shoes Sandals Slippers | £20.39 from Amazon

Crocs Literide Clogs | £27.59 from Amazon

Crocs Classic All Terrain Clog | £21.89 from Amazon

Our top Crocs picks for women

Crocs Classic Printed Floral Clog | £29.26 from Amazon

Crocs Baya Clog | £17.99 from Amazon

Crocs Women's Bayaband Clog | £44.99 from Amazon

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