You need this crochet stitch in your repertoire

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Wondering what your next crochet project should be? We've got the perfect stitch to inspire you – keep reading to learn how to do jasmine stitch.

Jasmine stitch – also known as daisy puff stitch – is a gorgeous floral stitch, perfect for crocheting throws and handbags, as well as cushions and cute crochet vests!

It's a more advanced crochet technique than single or double crochet or making a granny square, so is best suited for those who know how to crochet and would like to expand their stitch repertoire.

How to do jasmine stitch

Jasmine stitch requires knowing how to do chains, single crochet and puff stitches – that's it! Although it looks complex, once you've had a few tries, you'll find you've mastered this pretty stitch!

Jasmine stitch begins with a foundation row of puff stitches. The subsequent rows build up the petals.

For the second row, continue building the puff stitches, working 7 strands onto your hook and looping the final stitch through all of them.

Once you have three petals in a row, close them off by pulling all the stitches off your hook and finishing with a single crochet.

Continue working row by row and watch your jasmine flowers build!

What can I make with jasmine stitch?

Crafters across the world have fallen in love with jasmine stitch and taken to social media to share their gorgeous crochet creations.

There are so many beautiful projects to make using jasmine stitch – like this lovely top from @iaknitwear on Instagram. The stitch adds a lovely feminine feel to the garment.

Another gorgeous jasmine stitch project would be a blanket – why not match your yarn to your sofa or bed for a beautiful bespoke piece.

We also love the idea of making a cushion using jasmine stitch crochet panels, perfect to brighten up an armchair in your home.

Wondering what to work up you jasmine stitch with? Why not try Prima yarn available exclusively at The Works – there are so many gorgeous colours to choose from!

Do you love crochet? Share your creations with us by tagging @primamag in your pictures on Instagram!

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