All Creatures Great and Small star hints at big changes ahead of Christmas special

All Creatures Great and Small star Callum Woodhouse has teased some big changes for the residents of Darrowby ahead of the Christmas special, including for his own character Tristan.

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The actor revealed that the Christmas special will prove to be a "turning point" for Siegfried's younger brother, who had been enjoying a casual relationship with barmaid Maddie in season two.

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Speaking to, Callum explained that the festive instalment would be an "even bigger turning point" than the final episode of the latest series, which saw Tristan realise that he truly wanted to be a vet.

"Yeah, it was [a turning point]. I guess episode six was as well, and [Tristan] deciding that he enjoys helping the people as much as the animals. But this is an even bigger turning point."

Talking about Tristan's relationship with Maddie, Callum revealed: "I think he’s always gonna have a soft spot for Maddie, as she will for him as well. But yeah, this is a turning point isn’t it, in the sense that he’s just maturing a bit. He’s just realising a lot of things. Yeah, I think ‘maturing’ would probably be the right word."

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When asked if the looming threat of World War Two would have an impact on the residents of Darrowby as well as the show in general, Callum said: "It will in some way, yeah. There’s no way of denying it. It [World War Two] wasn’t the happiest of times.


Callum Woodhouse says the Christmas special is a turning point for Tristan

"But I definitely think, you know, you’ve got those characters who all look out for each other. And… they have the family relationship that will always bring joy to people," he added.

The Christmas special, which is airing on Christmas Eve at 9pm on Channel 5, will also see a festive mix-up between James and Helen, who both assume the other will be having Christmas lunch at their respective homes.

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