Creativity and color fills Westside Elementary School

May 13—Westside Elementary School transformed into a vibrant gallery Thursday as students of all grades showcased their artistic talents at the annual art show.

The school's art show, held to celebrate creativity and imagination, drew in a crowd of proud parents, friends, and faculty eager to admire the colorful creations.

The event, which totaled more than 3,300 pieces of art, was a testament to the students' and faculty's creativity and dedication.

Families meandered through the exhibits, marveling at the talent and creativity on display. Students eagerly pulled their families toward their artwork, basking in the joy of seeing their efforts appreciated by a wider audience.

The themes for the art show were based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Art Education and the National Art Education Standards. The pieces in the show combine lessons from the curriculum and lessons developed by art teacher Margaret Jackson. Jackson guided the students through creating their masterpieces, regardless of the time it took.

Each elementary school in Lowndes County only has one art teacher; however, many students and faculty view the class as invaluable.

"Art class allows my students to be creative and use their imaginations to solve problems in an open-ended way. They are taking a blank piece of paper and turning it into something amazing," stated Jackson.

One student who was eager to share his creations was William Bailey, who showed off three works.

Settling on a picture of a dog with glasses on as his favorite, William professed that art class ranked as one of his favorite school classes, just below gym class.