Courteney Cox proves she hasn't aged a day with this 'before and after' makeup transformation video

In the past, Courteney Cox has opened up about her body confidence journey, admitting that she tried to "chase" youthfulness – something which she, unfortunately, faced widespread criticism for on social media. However, adding to this transparency comes today's candid 'before and after' glam transformation video; the recently shared Instagram post is certainly a refreshing reminder of the celebrity-approved process behind such beauty.

Though, that being said, there's no denying Courteney looks incredible donning her au naturale, makeup-free face. I mean, talk about defying the laws of ageing!

The reel arrived on our feeds in celebration of Courteney's upcoming role in the new Scream VI movie. She attended the red carpet premiere alongside her co-stars, including none other than Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera. "Here we go, Scream premiere!", Courteney says to camera whilst in her bathrobe and a wet hair towel. Relatable, much?

And then, in a quick camera cut, the glam squad get to work – hairstylist, Rubi Aguilar Jones worked on Court's locks, while makeup artist, Genevieve Herr created the actor's flushed glam beat. Oh, to have a team of beauty professionals at our every beck and call, ey.

As shown in the above video, a subtle smokey eye and rosy cheek accompanied by loose waves were the results. Well, that's our weekend glamspo sorted.

Although I'm sure many other aspects go into her looking this youthful (eh hem... to have access to the best of the best skincare products and high-tech treatments), I still might just have to try out Courteney's beauty tips. If it's good enough for Monica, it's good enough for me!

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