Courteney Cox hasn't seen her boyfriend in seven months

Jessica Davis
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Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

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One of the hardest things about the pandemic, which we’re sure you’ll agree, is not being able to see your loved ones during lockdown.

Friends actor Courteney Cox knows that feeling all too well; she has been unable to see her boyfriend since California first went into lockdown in March.

Cox revealed on an episode of Vinyl Supper podcast that she hasn’t seen her partner Johnny McDaid in seven months.

'He left the next day after the whole country shut down - or at least [when] California did. I think maybe New York was before us,' she explained.

'At first I was like, "Wow what do I do with myself?" I cook every day, I’ve learned to cook so much more, I’ve perfected it.'

'Sundays are different,' she went on. 'I miss a lot of it, although people are starting to go, "OK, people have been quarantining, everyone’s safe…" They like to come to the beach so I’m not that lonely when it comes to seeing people on the weekends.'

Cox continued: 'I have these two friends, they were gonna quarantine with me, which is great because if I can’t be with John, I don’t wanna be just by myself with Coco [her 15-year-old daughter], I’m a little chicken.'

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