Courteney Cox doesn't think Botox is 'bad'

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Courteney Cox doesn't think Botox is "that bad" if used correctly.

The former Friends actress had all cosmetic filler dissolved from her face in 2017 after she decided she no longer looked like herself.

But in an interview for Harper's Bazaar, Courteney revealed that she still believes there is a place for Botox injections, which can relax muscles in the face and smooth lines or wrinkles.

"I do not believe in fillers. I shouldn't speak for other people because my skin is thinner. So it was not a good road for me to go down. To each his own, but I find that it's better not to do that," the star explained. "I don't think Botox is that bad. It wears off. So it's OK as long as you're not frozen and you can't move your face and you can't act and you can't show your emotion."

A longtime skincare junkie, Courteney was recently named as a brand ambassador for Dermalogica. She counts the brand's Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum and Daily Microfoliant as two of her go-to formulas, and insisted she has no desire to ever launch her own beauty company.

"I feel like celebrities have done so many sponsorships and have been a part of so many things, but you can tell when someone really believes in it. It's not just seeing beautiful ads at the airport, but actually, you just can tell when someone's partnering with someone and it's because they love it," the 58-year-old added.