Of Course, Andy Cohen Wants Alcohol Allowed At The NYE Broadcast

Andy Cohen against blue background
Andy Cohen against blue background - Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Unless you're a professional wine taster, you probably don't get to drink on the job. (While a certain subset did drink while working from home during the pandemic, those days are largely behind us.) Apparently, one talk show host feels as though he merits an exception, though. Andy Cohen, who will likely be co-hosting CNN's New Year's Eve coverage as he has in years past, seems to make a habit of getting intoxicated during the holiday broadcast along with co-hosts Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon. CNN, however, put the kibosh on any on-air boozing last year, and Cohen has been making his dissatisfaction known ever since.

Despite the fact that Cohen has gotten in trouble for his alcohol-fueled antics before, including episodes in which he drunkenly dissed then-mayor Bill de Blasio as well as Ryan Seacrest and his rival New Year's Eve show, he's now seemingly threatening to smuggle in some type of alcohol if CNN doesn't cave to his demands for "daddy juice" -- as he informed E! News. During last year's coverage, when a presumably sober Cohen was throwing a tantrum and demanding tequila, he did receive some support from guest Kevin Hart. It wasn't completely clear whether or not the comedian was serious, though, as he also added something about saying what Cohen wanted him to say.

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Not Everyone Shares Cohen's Feelings On The Subject

people toasting champagne
people toasting champagne - Wilpunt/Getty Images

While Anderson Cooper seemingly hasn't spoken out about a second year of New Year's Eve sobriety, he's admitted that he doesn't drink much during the rest of the year. Cooper may even find the booze ban to be somewhat of a relief since, as some have pointed out, past broadcasts have seemed to show Cohen twisting his co-host's arm to drink more than he might have otherwise.

Notably, Ryan Seacrest supports on-air New Year's Eve prohibition. While Cohen did apologize for insulting Seacrest once he sobered up from his 2021 N.Y.E. festivities, it came as no surprise that the "New Year's Rockin' Eve" host spoke out in favor of sobriety when asked to weigh in on CNN's decision. While Seacrest admitted that some of his show's guests are likely to arrive inebriated, they may be performing for just a few minutes; an anchor, on the other hand, is there for hours at a time and needs to keep a clear head.

So, will CNN capitulate to Cohen's demands, or will he defy the ban? No one knows just yet, but since plenty of people — restaurant and bar workers, cab drivers, even CNN's production crew — have to work sober on New Year's Eve, Cohen drinking on air would present a bit of a double standard.

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