Couples are keeping the romance alive with amazing date nights at home in lockdown

People are doing cooking classes, building outdoor cinemas and playing crazy golf (Getty Images)

While one in eight couples may be finding their relationships under strain during the coronavirus lockdown, others are keeping the romance alive with amazing date nights at home.

Twitter users are sharing all the creative ways they’re spending quality time with their other half during the pandemic.

To note, we’re not talking a pizza takeaway and Netflix binge - not that there is anything wrong with that.

But some couples have been going to great lengths to keep the spark alive during the pandemic by enjoying cooking classes, outdoor cinemas and crazy golf.

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One woman called Allison revealed her that wife had taken her for a “date night at the movies” - complete with an actual ticket, set show times and a snack menu.

Another couple shared how they had decided to enjoy a glass of rose in the camper van parked on their drive.

Similarly, a man called Steve shared how he and his other half did a virtual couples’ cooking class together, after receiving a box of the ingredients on their doorstep and tuning in via Zoom.

Racking up serious husband brownie points was another man called Jamie who created a homemade outdoor cinema.

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A man called George posted that his boyfriend had created an evening for them inspired by American cooking show Chopped.

Similarly, a woman called Erin shared that she and her other half enjoyed dinner on their front porch - and gave their makeshift restaurant a five-star review.

One lucky couple were thrown a date night by their kids who decorated their garden and served pizza.

A woman called Katya also revealed her fiancé had created a ‘paint and sip’ night in their living room.

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Finally, a man called Greg turned his garden into a crazy golf course - using exercise equipment and toys - for his other half after a listener on Greg James’s BBC1 radio show shared the idea.

It comes after dating websites reported a rise in virtual dates amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Match found that a third of singletons on the app have already agreed to one amidst the lockdown.

Sticking to the government’s advice to stay home, Brits are spending around seven hours a week online finding love.

The website also discovered a 12% increase in the number of direct messages sent after lockdown was announced on 23rd March.

What’s more, people arranging virtual dates aren’t just having a chat over video - and have arranged a virtual movie nights and takeaway dinners.

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