Couple surprises loved ones with adorable triplet gender announcement

One couple invited all of their friends and family to a gender reveal party for their second child, but the baby’s gender wasn’t the only surprise.

Jordan Flom is a TikToker with more than two million followers who is known for posting “fun videos with [his] family and friends,” according to his bio on the platform. His most recent video featured him and his wife surrounded by their loved ones for a gender reveal.

However, the couple, who also share a two-year-old daughter, wasn’t just revealing the gender of one baby, but rather three, as they took the opportunity to surprise their loved ones with the news that they are expecting triplets.

The video began with both Flom and his wife holding a black balloon with the words, “Boy or Girl?” written across it. There were also pink and blue tassels hanging from the bottom of the balloon, which was filled with either pink confetti for a girl or blue confetti if it’s a boy.

The whole group of people were seen counting down from three before Flom paused to point out that he’d forgotten to bring a pair of scissors to pop the balloon. After he ran to go get the scissors, he came out instead with a second balloon that indicated the couple was having twins. One person in the crowd immediately started jumping with excitement while one of babys’ grandmothers began running around in circles calling the news, “The best day of my whole life!”

The couple began to explain their own reaction to the news as Flom’s wife is heard saying, “Jordan was on the floor during the ultrasound,” while Flom himself said he was proud of them for keeping the secret as he noted that no one knew.

The assembled group then began to prepare to pop the balloons again with the same countdown before the person filming the gender reveal asked: “Where’s Ally?” Then someone in the crowd screamed as Ally came out holding a third balloon, which revealed that the couple was not having a single child, or twins, but triplets.

Flom then confirmed that “this is it,” meaning there were no more surprise babies. “The nurse had it on her stomach and she went, head, head, head,” he recalled of the moment the couple learned they were expecting triplets. He mentioned the nurse had called in the doctor and asked if the couple had done in vitro fertilisation to conceive because of how rare it is to naturally conceive triplets.

According to Flom, the doctor told them: “You better go buy a lottery ticket” after they’d revealed they did not use IVF.

Then the time came to pop all of the balloons, with Flom holding one, his wife holding another, and the triplets’ grandmother holding the third balloon. Once popped, it was revealed that the couple was expecting three boys.

Since the video was posted on 26 August, it has been viewed more than 11 million times, with over 6,000 comments.

Many of the comments focused on how entertaining the grandmother was once she found out the couple was giving birth to multiples. “Grandma is 100 per cent golden retriever energy,” one comment read. Another agreed, writing, “Grandma had the zoomies! What an angel.”

“Grandma is grandmaing so hard. Bless her sweet heart,” a third commenter wrote.

The couple later revealed in the comments section that she is still calling them over the news and to share how excited she is over it. “She is still calling us excited and it was two days ago!” the comment read.