Couple who met as premature babies are now getting married and have their own baby

Jack Richardson and Bronwyn Tace were both in the neonatal together unit as babies and after growing up together then losing touch, they fell in love.

Credit: SWNS

Video transcript

BRONWYN TACE: Hi, my name is Bronwyn. This is my fiance, Jack. And this is our little girl, Sienna [INAUDIBLE].

Me and Jack officially met 30 years ago being born at Queen's Medical Center in Nottingham in the neonatal ward. We were in incubators next to each other. Very poorly, little children, but we're still here 30 years later to tell the tale. And we've since got back together and had this little bundle of joy.

She was also born at Queen's Medical Center in Nottingham. So her parents kept in contact throughout early years. And then we did lose contact throughout our teenage years through different friendship circles and things like that. And then we got back together three years ago now via Facebook.

Jack had sent me a message. It was like no time had gone by. And we just started chatting and went on a few dates. And here we are three years later.

Yeah. Yeah.

Got back together in 2021. And they say if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. So yeah, we're engaged now, getting married next year. At the beginning of both our lives, we're, to say the least, very tough. Both of us, we put our parents through hell basically. And we're here 30 years later to tell the story. And it just shows you that we're both fighters. And this little one's amazing.