Couple Celebrate 57 Years Of Marriage With The Sweetest Notebook Inspired Photoshoot

[Photo: Stacy Welch-Christ for Mary Evelyn Photography]

Meet Clemma and Sterling Elmore. For 57 years and counting the couple from Oklahoma have been sweethearts.

They fell in love almost from the first moment they met and married four months after they started dating.

It’s like a storyline from a movie, so what better way to celebrate almost six decades of marriage than with a photoshoot inspired by one of the most romantic films ever – The Notebook.

The photos were taken by Stacy Welch-Christ for Mary Evelyn Photography who’s sister in law, Amber is the couple’s granddaughter. Stacy approached Amber to ask if she thought her grandparents might be keen on the idea for the photoshoot and was thrilled when she said they would. Stacy shared the pictures on her Facebook page over the weekend, paying tribute to “two very special people.”

[Photos: Stacy Welch-Christ for Mary Evelyn Photography]

Since posting the pictures have been shared almost 52K times and received hundreds of comments from people remarking on how beautifully the photos capture the love between the sweethearts.  

“Omg this got me teary eyed for some reason. This is so sweet!!!,” wrote one commentator.  “Love truly can last a life time. It does require continuous hard work but it’s so worth it. People are so quick to give up but with every relationship has trials and issues, you just have to keep trying! So beautiful!”

“This is sooo Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. I hope to find a love like this one day. Thank you for sharing,” added another. 

[Photos: Stacy Welch-Christ for Mary Evelyn Photography]

As well as a vintage blue truck (just like Noah’s), Clemma and Sterling wore original 1940s and 50s clothing and they also wrote notes to each other, to go in a real notebook.

“You are my life and my true love. Love you always and forever,” read Clemma’s message, while Sterling wrote: “You are God’s gift to me and I love you.”

Speaking to Yahoo, photographer Stacy explained why she was touched to be able to capture the love between the special couple.

“I have always been extremely sentimental about family,” she says. “I don’t want to miss capturing the moments I have with them because to me, when looking back at a photo, you can take yourself back to that memory.” 

“I wanted that for Clemma and Sterling and their family,” she continues. “When I called Amber, my sister in law, to see if she thought they would like to do it, she immediately said ‘Stacy, I know you would have wanted to do this with your grandparents.’ She is so right. My heart is still with the two grandmothers that I named my photography business after and also the love they had with my grandpas. It’s something that fuels me every day.”

[Photo: Stacy Welch-Christ for Mary Evelyn Photography]

“The loss we have when loved ones are no longer here and that remembrance that we want to hold onto. I wanted a special moment, a correlation that would show how special their bond is so they could look back each year or moment and have those remembrances, and the Notebook inspiration was perfect for them.”

“Much like Noah stood by Allie, Sterling has stood by Clemma through some hard roads in her life. Their love, after 57 years is still very present. When they held onto each other, you could see their love.  It was probably the most natural shoot I’ve ever done, because once they fell into the moment, they just fell into love again.” 

[Photo: Stacy Welch-Christ for Mary Evelyn Photography]

Stacy has been completely taken aback by the public reaction to the sweet shoot.

“This response has been a shock,” she says. “We had no idea this would happen. This was a shoot for two special people and their family and it turns out that the world needed a little bit of Clemma and Sterling and their Legacy of Love also.”

If this story doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies we don’t know what will.

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