Which country has the best win ratio in Test cricket? The Weekend quiz

<span>Photograph: Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Getty Images

The questions

1 Whose PhD was on “The Behaviour of the Mountain Gorilla”?
2 Which book of the Bible is named after a census?
3 Naval Support Facility Thurmont is the formal name of which retreat?
4 What, in South America, is the world’s largest tropical wetland?
5 Which country has the best win ratio in Test cricket?
6 Which museum has a branch in Dundee?
7 Psittacosis is contracted from which animals?
8 Which musical opens with Science Fiction/Double Feature?
What links:
9 1930s outlaw; Algonquin wit; played New York Star columnist?
10 Indonesia (73%); Malaysia (26%); Brunei (1%)?
11 Fight; Thursday Murder; Jane Austen Book; Joy Luck?
12 1; 8; 27; 64; 125; 216; 343?
13 Laser run; show jumping; swimming; fencing?
14 Westminster (I); Caernarfon (II); Windsor (III); Rouen (IV)?
15 Buddy Holly; Madonna; Jackie Wilson; Marvin Gaye; Paul McCartney?

Silver back gorilla
Best behaviour... Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Dian Fossey.
2 Numbers.
3 Camp David, Maryland.
4 Pantanal.
5 Afghanistan (50%).
6 V&A.
7 Parrots (and other birds).
8 The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
9 Parkers: Bonnie; Dorothy; Sarah Jessica (Carrie in Sex And The City).
10 Division of the island of Borneo (% land area).
11 Club novels: Chuck Palahniuk; Richard Osman; Karen Joy Fowler; Amy Tan.
12 Cubes of numbers one to seven.
13 Modern pentathlon events.
14 Birthplaces of King Edwards I-IV.
15 Singers in other artists’ song titles: Weezer; Drake; Van Morrison; Charlie Puth ft Meghan Trainor; Scissor Sisters.