Could Your Knickers Be Affecting Your Fertility?

Could certain chemicals in cotton pants be affecting your fertility? [Photo: Rex Features]

When it comes to knickers, comfort over style often wins out, which is why our comfy old cotton pants are a total underwear staple. But a new study has raised concern that some cotton knicks could be affecting fertility.

It’s all to do with a certain chemical that certain manufacturers use to treat cotton that could be used in certain brands of underwear. Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs) are sometimes present in detergents used by textile makers, and in some cases the residue they produce can end up on the final product.

So how does this all relate to fertility? According to one study, the presence of NPEs in pregnant women can have an effect on the placenta and in extreme cases lead to complications and potential pregnancy loss. And in those trying to get pregnant the ability of the embryo to implant could also be affected.

Are you knicker aware? [Photo: Rex Features]

Though more research is definitely needed to conclusively prove a link between NPEs and pregnancy complications, it can’t hurt to be knicker aware, and one underwear brand might be able to help with that.

Mighty Good Undies is taking a stand against potentially potent pants, by launching a range of organic and chemical free underwear.

Co-founder Elena Antoniou explained to Daily Mail Australia that the aim is to give women peace of mind when they’re putting on their pants every day.

“Our cotton is not only organically grown, but it is certified under the Fairtrade Cotton Standard, the same Fairtrade system that produces coffee or tea,’ she explained.”

Underwear brand Mighty Good Undies are launching a range of chemical-free lingerie [Photo: Mighty Good Undies]

“It ensures that the cotton is grown and processed, without harmful pesticides, or toxic chemicals that can end up as residues on our clothes and harm the environment and our personal health.”

For more information and to support the Mighty Good Undies crowdfunding campaign head to their website.

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