Costco's UK Food Court Has A Massive Chicken Sandwich We're Desperate For

Costco Scotland food court menu
Costco Scotland food court menu - Josh_More / X, formerly known as Twitter

Members of Costco are pretty passionate about the chain's legendary food court. Just consider the furor elicited when Costco discontinued a beloved sandwich, which shoppers are still obsessing about years after its demise. American shoppers are also experiencing massive FOMO when it comes to a sandwich only available in U.K. Costco locations. According to Reddit users, Costco members across the pond get to indulge in an enormous double chicken fillet sandwich, while no such sandwich exists in U.S. stores.

Though American shoppers adore the Costco food court, they're often left wondering why certain items don't appear on the menu. Consider that Canadian shoppers have their own crispy chicken sandwich, or that Costco members in Australia can enjoy a tasty bánh mì once their shopping is complete. American shoppers, deprived of U.K. menus, have expressed interest in the item, with one commenter proclaiming, "I would love to try that double chicken fillet." However, the sandwich has received some mixed reviews from shoppers lucky enough to sample it on their own.

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Where Does The Double Chicken Sandwich Rank In The Food Court Lineup?

Costco shopper at food court
Costco shopper at food court - Andriy Blokhin/Shutterstock

Costco's famous pizza is generally considered top-notch when it comes to food court fare. The hot dog and soda combo is also quite beloved, as you can't beat its $1.50 price tag. As for the double chicken fillet sandwich, some Costco fans were very pleased with the item. Upon sampling the sandwich, a reviewer stated, "The meat was tender, the bun was soft and warm" (per YahooSports). The reviewer also claimed that they were a "fan" of the U.K. exclusive. Another review shared on TikTok described the item as "10 out of 10" as the TikTok user presented an impressive-looking sandwich featuring substantial dual patties. This sizable sandwich does offer quite a bit of value for a reasonable price, but it's worth noting that not all shoppers offer glowing reviews.

Consider that a Redditor stated that the sandwich "is incredibly dry, comes with the saddest morsel of tomato and lettuce and don't get me started on the bun." Comments about dryness were pretty ubiquitous within the thread, while another person summed up the menu item by stating, "The sandwich is terrible." Unfortunately, U.S. shoppers won't have an opportunity to sample the sandwich to determine whether it lives up to expectations.

How To Satisfy Your Chicken Craving At US Costco Locations

Costco food court signage
Costco food court signage - Eric Broder Van Dyke/Shutterstock

Costco hasn't officially said whether a chicken sandwich will make its way to the United States. The chain is meticulous with its food court (consider that Costco employs a sneaky strategy for its food court layout to boost both hunger and profits), so it's unlikely that the store would add new items based on the whims of customers alone. In the Reddit thread discussing the Costco double chicken sandwich, jacket potatoes are named as another item that American shoppers are missing out on. For those unaware, the difference between jacket potatoes and baked potatoes mostly lies in how they're prepared, as it's commonplace to cut an X into jacket spuds before they're baked.

U.K. Costco members also get a mango smoothie, which was previously available in the U.S. However, the response to this food court item was decidedly underwhelming, and most shoppers were unhappy with the flavor. According to a Redditor who sampled the concoction, "I hate it so much, I actually left it. Not worth the price or [c]alories." While the mango smoothie didn't necessarily wow American taste buds, shoppers in the U.S. still pine for menu items not available in their country.

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