Costco's Latest Hit Is a Treat Fans Are Calling 'Perfect'

It might even fill a food court void.

<p>Adobe Stock/Allrecipes</p>

Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

Costco shoppers, especially those who love its food court, have a thing about churros. When rumors swirled that the warehouse store was removing the food court churros from the menu to replace them with super-large cookies, many fans were disappointed. Others were okay with the change, indicating the recipe had changed and the most recent version (which was also more expensive) was like “twisted cinnamon sugar burnt shrapnel.” Yikes!

But their desire for a good churro didn’t wane, and soon Costco shoppers discovered that similar churros were in Costco’s frozen food aisle, and were also available at Walmart and on Amazon. The only problem was that they were sold in large quantities, meaning shoppers needed a lot of freezer space if they purchased them.

We have good news for churro lovers with small freezers (and even those with large freezers). Costco shoppers have discovered a churro treat in the freezer aisle—one that takes up a lot less space in the freezer—and it’s being dubbed “perfect.”

Churros are commonly served with a dipping sauce, usually something sweet such as chocolate sauce or dulce de leche. Instagram’s Costcohotfinds found a frozen churro treat that has sauce stuffed into small churro bites, and it looks really good.

“Churro bites at Costco,” Laura Lamb, the voice behind the Instagram account captioned. “I opened the box immediately when I got home and put them in the air fryer! Next time, I’m getting some ice cream to eat these with.”

The $12.99 box of Churro Bites contains two 16-ounce bags of bite-size churros. Half of them have Bavarian cream filling. The other half has a chocolate-hazelnut filling.

The excitement in the comments was palpable.

“Done and done buying these!” exclaimed one Costco shopper. There were plenty of “I need this!” comments and several “OMGs” and even one “Is perfect.”

One commenter did issue a bit of a warning: “These are awesome. But you need to let them sit for at least 10 minutes after coming out of the air fryer. Or your mouth will be burned by liquid hot magma.”

We think that’s very helpful information for those running to their local Costco to see if they can find Churro Bites in the freezer section.

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