Costco's Latest Bakery Cookies Are A Chocolate Cranberry Paradise

white chocolate cranberry cookies
white chocolate cranberry cookies - Philb1750/Shutterstock

For those who have visited any Costco bakery, you're aware of the addictive qualities of most of the items. Whether it's the satisfaction of snagging one of Costco's famous pumpkin pies or buying a dozen chocolate chip cookies that are better than Crumbl, the warehouse giant has figured out how to draw in customers with its affordable variety of bakery goods. After striking a chord with customers with white chocolate cranberry bark in the fall of 2023, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the enticing and classic flavor combo is the focus of Costco's newest cookie.

Influencer Laura Lamb, who runs the Instagram account @costcohotfinds, posted the newest find along with a video tip of microwaving a Costco white chocolate cranberry cookie for 15 seconds, adding it's "a trick to get that right out of the oven taste and feel."

Most of the comments were of people eager to try the new cookies, which Lamb confirmed were "so soft that they literally melted in my hands." Others noted they'd already tried the white chocolate and cranberry delight. "These cookies are absolutely delicious!" one person commented. "These are my favorite," said another.

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The Cookies' Tart Cranberries Temper The Sweet White Chocolate

Costco white chocolate cranberry cookies
Costco white chocolate cranberry cookies - costcobuys / Instagram

A 24-pack of Costco's soft-baked white chocolate cranberry cookies will set you back $9.99, which is typical for Costco's cookies. The cookies are dotted with chunks of white chocolate and cranberries, and some who tried them thought the tart fruit was the perfect foil for the white chocolate, which is normally super sweet. The white chocolate also adds to the buttery taste people use to describe the cookie.

While many were excited about getting the new cookie, some were hoping Costco would bring back other offerings. "I do not like cranberries in cookies," one commenter wrote on @costcoaisles' Instagram post, while some wished for the return of the s'mores cookie. Others are sick of cookies altogether. "Who the fudge wants more cookies?" complained one Instagrammer, instead imploring Costco to bring back their churros.

Still, for those who do enjoy the sweet and tart combination of white chocolate and cranberries, the new cookies are a soft, buttery delight perfect for sharing -- just in time for Valentine's Day!

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