Costco's 'Hands-Down Best' Bakery Item Is Back

Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you.



Do you have a favorite Costco bakery item? Maybe it’s the almond florentines with chocolate drizzle, the 4.5-pound peanut butter pie, or the tuxedo chocolate mousse cake. It would be tough to push your cart through the warehouse store’s bakery and not stumble upon something you love. But the things that you love aren’t always there.

Costco rotates many of its bakery items, offering them seasonally. We understand why it carries items such as pumpkin pie or pecan pie at certain times because those pies are associated with holidays. But why does it remove other items, like that colossal peanut butter pie, from time to time only to have it return months later?

It could simply be a logistical issue. There are so many tasty Costco bakery items that the department simply doesn’t have the kitchen resources or the refrigerator and shelf space to offer every single one at the same time. It could also be a marketing initiative to create demand by manufacturing scarcity.

Whatever the reason, fans get very excited when a favorite returns after being off the shelf for a while. For example, a fan-favorite mini cake—that was on Costco’s shelves last fall but disappeared at some point—is back.

Instagram's Costcohotfinds spotted the Chocolate All American Mini Cakes—which she says are her "weakness"—at a location in Nashville. She calls them the most "decadent, delicious" cakes. When she cuts one open, revealing a rich chocolate cake that looks abundantly moist and topped with glistening fudge icing and large chocolate shavings, it's tough not to believe her.

The mini cakes, which come six to a pack for $8.99 (which, by the way, is the same price they were last fall), are 3 1/2 inches in diameter. We’ve done the math on these mini cakes before—each mini cake weighs half a pound and is about two to three times larger than the size of a regular cupcake.

“These are great and big enough to share!” commented one person. Others called them “sooo good,” “amazing,” and “soooo decadent.” Perhaps the best compliment was this: “The best item in the bakery hands down!”

That certainly makes it tempting to run to Costco to snag a pack, doesn’t it?

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