Costco's Food Courts In Taiwan Offer A Chicken Item That US Fans Would Love

taiwan costco fried chicken
taiwan costco fried chicken - leungchopan/Shutterstock

Between their affordable prices, big portions, and crave-worthy offerings, Costco's food courts are legendary. We know our favorite options, which include the chicken bake and double chocolate chunk cookie, like the back of our hand. But have you ever wondered what this chain serves in other countries? While Costco has the most locations in the U.S. by far, it's also established stores in countries like Mexico, Japan, and Taiwan.

If you travel to the latter, you'll get the privilege of sampling the crispy chicken bucket. This delicacy includes six pieces of fried chicken, which come in drumsticks and thighs. While the description of the poultry doesn't mention spice, taking a bite will leave you with a surprisingly fiery aftertaste. If you're a fan of crispy, golden skin, succulent meat, and seasoning packed full of flavor, you may want to travel to Taiwan to get your hands on a bucket. And while the chicken is fried, it has a light coating, not a thick breading like you may find in the U.S.

As a bonus, you'll get your drumsticks in a white bucket bearing the logo for Costco's signature Kirkland brand. The menu item only costs about $9 in U.S. dollars, or $289 New Taiwan Dollars (NT).

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Americans Are Peckish For Costco Taiwan's Fried Chicken

costco food court in taiwan
costco food court in taiwan - Feed Meimei/YouTube

It's safe to say that U.S. fans are lusting after Costco Taiwan's fried chicken. Reactions to learning about the food court item on Reddit range from "I think I'd sell my kids for a bucket of that fried chicken right now" to "Take my money!!!!!" As one commenter pointed out, "You would think of all the countries where people would buy food in bucket sized portions the U.S. has to be the top market."

It's true that we Americans love our fried chicken, with 20 must-visit restaurants for the stuff in Tennessee alone. But there are plenty of different styles of crispy poultry around the globe -- including the spicy fried chicken with a light coating served at Taiwanese night markets, which may be what Costco modeled its buckets after. Recipes for this night market treat use rice flour, an egg, and cold soda water to achieve the delicate outer layer.

If you do make it to a Costco in Taiwan, don't leave the food court without trying some of its other delights. Additional hit items include the thick clam chowder, bulgogi bake with meat and veggies, and seafood bake packed full of shrimp and crab. Your findings will be so delicious, you may never get on the plane back home.

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