Costco's New Cranberry Cookies Are Already Feeling The Love Online

Costco shopping cart
Costco shopping cart - PenguinLens/Shutterstock

TikTokers, Instagrammers, and Redditors unite! Costco has released its newest bakery item and it's lighting up chat boards and comment threads with sweet reviews. The white chocolate cranberry cookies come in a 24-pack, and that's a good thing since most samplers agree it's difficult to eat just one. At the time of writing, the package price is $9.99, which breaks down to less than $.42 per cookie, so they may be a solid choice for the office party, your child's team snack, or for you to hoard for yourself. We won't judge.

When shoppers see a new item, it's not uncommon to hit up fellow shoppers for their opinions before committing to the purchase, especially when it comes in bulk, like items at the Costco warehouses. So, it's no surprise anyone with a channel, thread, or stream is putting the newest Costco bakery items out there for comment. Even though the new cookie flavor is basically still hot out of the oven, just showing up in stores at the end of January, there's plenty of opinion data online.

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What Customers Are Saying

white chocolate and cranberry cookies
white chocolate and cranberry cookies - Zach.lemenn/Shutterstock

Scroll through TikTok or Instagram and you'll see a variety of mentions. While a few shoppers note they aren't compelled to love cranberries in cookies, many commenters affectionately mention the balance between the sweetness of the white chocolate and the tartness of the cranberries. A comment on the costcobuys post notes: "just bought them yesterday... not overly sweet like I thought they'd be, which is kinda nice. all in all, very happy with them". Then there is the joke that they're so hard to stop eating, perhaps Costco is adding addictive ingredients: "You forgot they put a little crack in these."

The overall opinion seems to be favorable with customers remarking this might be their new favorite and elevating them over the traditional chocolate chip cookies. Of course, there's always the debate about what makes a perfect cookie. Those who prefer a soft and chewy texture will find a match with the white chocolate and cranberry option. In fact, it seems their perfect texture is a commonly repeated point from customers who've gotten their hands on them.

While you could make white chocolate and cranberry cookies at home, customers appear to be eager to try the new Costco treats. However, one TikToker mentioned their local store was sold out the day they visited, so don't be too surprised if your Costco can't keep enough of these new fan-favorite cookies stocked either.

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