Costco's New Cherry Cheesecake Weighs In At A Whopping 6 Pounds

overhead of cheesecake slice on a plate with cherries and sauce
overhead of cheesecake slice on a plate with cherries and sauce - Vladislav Noseek/Shutterstock

Forget strawberries -- cherries are the topping of choice in Costco's newest offering in its bakeries. The grocery chain is known for selling groceries in larger quantities than can be found elsewhere, and that is certainly true of its cheesecake as well. Costco's new cherry cheesecake weighs in at a whopping almost 6 pounds, making it perfect for a large family.

The cheesecake has been around for a few weeks, with the Instagram account Costcofans highlighting the dessert on January 8th. Likewise, in a Reddit post, one Costco shopper mentioned they bought the dessert at the beginning of the year. They wrote, "We bought this for New Year's. We said we would freeze whatever we didn't eat. LOL. That was funny." As with any bakery item, it's likely available for a limited time.

According to the ingredients listed on the product's display, the cherry cheesecake features a graham cracker crust filled with a cheesecake filling. Unlike other cheesecakes, it factors sour cream and white buttercream in the mix as well. Finally, the whole thing is topped with a good amount of cherries. One Redditor who tried it reported back on how it tasted, saying, "It's good! The base is the regular cheesecake, with the cherries on top ... they're a tart cherry, so they don't taste like cough syrup."

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Is Costco's Cheesecake A Good Deal?

person holding fresh cherries over a basket of cherries
person holding fresh cherries over a basket of cherries - Silvia Bianchini/Getty Images

The pie size and weight seem to vary from cheesecake to cheesecake, with the average being close to 6 pounds. With that much cheesecake, it may seem like a good deal, but the cheesecakes also carry a whopping price to match. The prices for the cheesecake have ranged from $19.99 for 5.63 pounds (or 90-oz) to $22.99 for a cheesecake that's 5.10 pounds.

The price was a source of contention for some shoppers considering the dessert. One person wrote on Reddit, "I love cherry topping too and feel like everyone always has strawberries instead ... but dang that expensive!" Another commented, "It totally works for me that I am more cheap than fat because I would eat cheesecake every day if it wasn't so expensive."

Whether the cheesecake is a good deal likely depends on your situation. On average, serving sizes range from 1 to 4 ounces per person for cheesecake. Likewise, cheesecake begins to lose its quality after about a week in the fridge. So, if you have a small family or are a single individual, you may find it difficult to put the cheesecake away before it ends up in the bin. The cheesecake is just the latest super-sized dessert that Costco is selling, with the chain previously offering a chocolate cake that weighed a mega-size 7 pounds and a peanut butter pie fit for a family.

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