Costco Has Rolled Out A New Frozen Croissant Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Costco shopping cart
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Costco's Kirkland Signature brand has put its name on tons of products, from vodka and tequila to coffee and bottled water. This week, a coveted new category has made waves in the frozen food aisle: breakfast sandwiches. Well, one breakfast sandwich. The wholesale retailer's latest offering — a photo of which was shared on Reddit by a shopper at an outpost in Visalia, California — features a spiral butter croissant with applewood smoked bacon, egg, and cheese.

A photo of the package shows that each box of eight sandwiches clocks in at $15.99. That's just under $2 per sandwich, setting customers back 50 cents more than the brand's beloved $1.50 hot dog combo at the food court.

Costco shoppers are already sharing their thoughts on the newcomer. While the reviews aren't unanimous in praise, they're a bit more favorable than those of the chain's Red's Egg'wich. Still, like the former, there are some concerns about price and nutrition. Here's what people are saying.

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A Starbucks Dupe?

Kirkland Signature breakfast sandwich
Kirkland Signature breakfast sandwich - whats_in_your_cart / Instagram

Customers have mixed opinions on the new Kirkland Signature breakfast sandwiches at Costco. Some people love them, like the TikTok user who vouched that "they came out perfect" after 7 minutes in an air fryer at 350 F. Others, however, voiced concern over the nutrition label. "I'm sorry but there is no way I need to consume something with those numbers in those places," wrote a Reddit user. There are also several complaints about the price. At $2 a pop, some customers said they'd rather head to McDonald's for a $1 Egg McMuffin.

The new sandwich is, however, less expensive than Starbucks' Double Smoked Bacon, Egg, & Cheddar Sandwich. Why does that matter? According to customers, the two items look nearly identical and are composed of strikingly similar ingredients. Needless to say, the resemblance has not blown past Costco shoppers. One Reddit user called the Kirkland Signature sandwich a Starbucks "dupe." Another even speculated that the two sandwiches are made in the same factory. It certainly wouldn't be the first time Kirkland Signature shared a product with another brand.

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