Is Costco Really Releasing A New Take-And-Bake Pizza?

Costco pizza in food court
Costco pizza in food court - Fang Zheng/Getty Images

Costco has no shortage of delicious offerings both on shelves and at the food court. But one item that was quite possibly the best of both worlds was the Kirkland Take-and-Bake pizza. This take and bake option gave customers the convenience of baking the iconic Costco food court pizza with over a pound of cheese at home, rather than having to eat at the food court to enjoy it.

In a potentially exciting development for fans of the Take-and-Bake pizza, a rumor has just emerged that a combo pizza version could hit shelves in the next four to six weeks. In a Reddit post on the r/Costco thread, a posted image of Costco's alleged plans for a new "Take & Bake" pizza shows projected annual sales, along with "goals" and "benefits" of releasing this new item.

However, many Reddit users are not convinced that this post is the real deal. Some of the details in the screenshot posted on Reddit appear more like proof that it may be the work of a troll rather than an image pulled from Costco official. At the time of publication, plans for the revival of the Take-and-Bake pizza are purely speculation, as Costco officials have not said anything to confirm the information displayed on the Reddit post.

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Reddit Users Are Not Convinced

Interior shot of Costco wholesale
Interior shot of Costco wholesale - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Costco members may want to think twice before getting their hopes too high about a new Take-and-Bake pizza. Some of the details that raise a few eyebrows are listed under the "Benefits" bullet-point on the alleged screenshot image of Costco financial strategy shared on Reddit. The all-caps emphasis of the word "best" for one -- "Be the BEST Take & Bake in retail" -- feels unprofessional. Another bullet-point simply stating "Provide excitement" also made many Reddit users chuckle and scoff in the comments. Many users speculate that the odd wording and very low quality graphics hint that it does not come from Costco official.

While the return of the Take-and-Bake pizza is currently pure speculation -- and very dubious at that -- it's no secret that it was once a hotly discussed item amongst Costco members until it was discontinued in 2022. While it was never confirmed exactly why Costco stopped offering a bake-at-home version of their food court pizza, members speculated it could have been due to low sales and complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it returns to shelves in a few weeks or turns out to be fake news, you can always grab a slice of pizza at your local Costco food court.

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