Costco Is Now Selling a Fan-Favorite Food Court Item in Stores

It's even cheaper than at the food court!

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

Every Costco shopper knows that no matter how much food you just bought or money you just spent, no trip to the club store is complete without a stop at the food court. That $1.50 hot dog deal is too good to pass up, even if you just dropped $100 on the groceries you’re supposed to be eating instead.

As much as we love the savory hot dog, chicken bake, and pizza, the Costco food court sweet treats are elite, too. The most recent Costco dessert to go viral was the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, which replaced the churro on the menu in January.

The new cookies immediately got shoppers' attention—just the calorie count alone (a whopping 750 calories per cookie) had people talking. But, after customers started trying the buttery, chocolate chip cookies, they became a fast favorite.

Now, it appears that Costco is selling its chocolate chip cookies in the actual store.

“Food court cookie now available in bakery section—5 pack for $10,” according to a Reddit post.
The post included a photo of the giant cookies in Costco’s bakery aisle in front of the $9.99 price tag.

Reddit users quickly responded by asking where these were spotted, as it appears not every Costco store offers the food court cookie in the bakery.

Some commenters speculated that certain Costco stores do this when they have an excess inventory of the cookies. So, if they’re not selling at the food court one day, they can box them up and sell them in the bakery section, too.

The Double Chocolate Chip Cookie might not be available at every store nationwide, but if your Costco sells them in the bakery section, it could be worth buying them there. Costco’s food court sells each cookie for about $2.50, so, if you buy the five-pack for $10, you’re essentially getting one whole cookie for free.

Then, to get the traditional food court experience, you can just heat the cookie in the microwave. Though, hopefully, the cookies won’t give you the same Costco experience of tummy troubles after eating them. If the stomachaches were actually a result of undercooked cookies sitting in the “danger zone,” zapping them in the microwave at home should ensure they’re fully cooked and safe.

Either way, the warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie will taste just as good at home as it does after a long shopping spree—maybe even better when you don’t even have to change out of your PJs to enjoy one.

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