Costco Memberships Are Just $20 This Week Only

But there's a catch.

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Thinking about finally getting a Costco membership? If these Costco-exclusive favorites or this members-only holiday deal hasn’t convinced you already, let this never-before-seen membership special finally bring you to your senses.

From now until Sunday, Dec. 10, you can get a year-long Costco membership for (essentially) only $20. We say essentially because the cost of the membership is still the usual $60, but with a special promotion, you’ll get a $40 digital Costco gift card back upon sign-up. That means $40 worth of Costco dollars, back in your pocket.

Sure, there might be a little bit of TikTok-dubbed “girl math” going on here (aka the facetious rationale for saving money by spending money), but all-in-all, we deem this an excellent deal. After all, it’s rare to ever find a discount of any sort on a Costco membership.

How to Get a Discounted Costco Membership

Costco is running this online promotion through Stack Social, so you can sign up from your couch and receive your $40 Digital Costco Shop Card (which has no expiration date) in your email shortly after. The Gold Star Membership is available to use at Costco warehouses worldwide and includes Costco Optical, Pharmacy, Hearing Aid Centers, and gas stations.

But, wait—it gets better. The Gold Star membership also comes with one free Household Card, so anyone living at your address (18 or older) can get a membership as well, totally free of charge. That means two new Costco memberships for only $20 out of pocket.

“Very nice way to gain a Costco membership and a digital shopping card bonus!” one verifier buyer commented. “Seemed too good to be true but it was true!”

With a warehouse membership, you’re opened up to a whole new world of shopping experiences, whether you want to save on staples like coffee and olive oil, or fun, seasonal treats like mini gingerbread cakes and heat-and-eat apps. Just wait until you meet the $5 rotisserie chicken, the member-favorite Kirkland bacon, and the award-winning pesto. You’ll wonder where your membership card has been all your life.

Or, if you're already a Costco shopper, you can gift the one-year membership to a friend for the holidays. It's a gift that will keep on giving all the way to 2025.

In our eyes, a Costco membership is worth every penny, and with this seasonal deal, it’s even more valuable. So, whether you want to call it a $20 membership, or a membership with a free side of groceries, this out-of-the-ordinary Costco deal is one you don’t want to miss.

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