This Costco Hack Turns The Food Court Ice Cream Into A Cookie Surprise

Costco soft serve ice cream
Costco soft serve ice cream - Emmett Reiner/Shutterstock

Fans of Costco, especially those who can't visit without a stop at the food court, know that the menu holds some great deals. But what you might not have tried just yet is pairing different menu items to create secret new treats after receiving your order. For a cold, sweet treat, it's time to try one of our 12 Costco food court hacks you should know. To mix things up, it's as easy as combining Costco's soft-serve ice cream and other sweets — such as its chocolate chip cookies — readily available on the menu.

Typically, Costco offers cups of vanilla soft serve. While it added a strawberry soft serve option in 2023, the menu has been updated to replace its strawberry flavor with chocolate, so you have two delicious options for this frozen dessert. And while churros were phased out of Costco food courts beginning in January 2024, the ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies now available are perfect for crumbling into the ice cream for cookie chunks. Creating a new dessert is as simple as ordering both treats, breaking the cookies into pieces, and stirring the chunks into the ice cream.

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Try It With The Original Toppings Too

Costco chocolate chip cookie
Costco chocolate chip cookie - thebeardandthebaker/Instagram

For those who love options, there's a way to make this frozen dessert even more delicious. While adding chocolate chip cookies will enhance the texture and flavor of the silky ice cream, you can further customize the dessert by opting for an ice cream sundae instead of a simple ice cream cup. Now, you have not only two ice cream flavors to choose from (along with the cookies) but also two toppings.

For example, create a triple chocolate treat by ordering the new chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, and add the chocolate chip cookies into the cup when you get it. Another option, which will taste like a chocolate-covered strawberry, is to order a chocolate sundae with strawberry sauce. Mixing the cookies in will amplify the chocolate flavor while also adding a shortbread-like texture and flavor.

So, the next time you shop at Costco, take your time at the food court to mix and match the flavors to your liking. Keep in mind that you can always add other ingredients to the mix, like soda for a simple, nostalgic riff on a root beer float. Or, keep it simple by transforming Costco's food court cookies into an ice cream sandwich. These simple tricks are deliciously indulgent ways to switch up your order.

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