What Do Costco’s Green Price Tags Mean?

Are your favorite items disappearing soon?



If you’re a regular warehouse shopper, you know that there are plenty of messages hidden in the Costco's pricing system. In fact, just from the last number of the price alone, you can tell which items are discounted for a limited time and which items are currently in low stock. And, if you see the dreaded asterisk, you know it’s time to load up your cart (after you shed a quick tear). 

Knowing how to decipher the price tags is one of the best ways to discover Costco deals, so if you really want to make the most of your membership, you learn to pay attention. However, during my most recent visit to Costco, I came across a distinct price tag difference I’d never noticed before—almost every other price tag was green.

Suddenly, I was stricken with panic. What does this mean? Are all of my favorite items going away? 

Being unfamiliar with the green tag, I immediately went to an employee for answers, and luckily, the colored tagging doesn’t mean the items are on the brink of extinction. Really, it’s nowhere near as scary as I’d thought. But, if you’ve found yourself wondering about the unique green tags, here’s your answer.



What Do the Green Price Tags at Costco Mean?

As it turns out, a green price tag simply means the item is organic.

“Green is organic,” confirmed a Costco employee, “and has been for a few years.”

Once you hear it, it seems completely obvious, but I have to admit, it was quite the aha moment for me as a shopper. While conventional items get the standard white tags, green price tags are used to indicate organic products, simplifying your shopping experience if you're specifically looking for organic options. But that doesn't necessarily mean you'll see green tags in your local Costco warehouse.

This labeling practice has been gradually implemented in stores over the past decade, but some store locations still don’t participate in it at all. My guess is that it varies on a state-by-state basis. My local Texas warehouse does green tagging, but a Costco I called in the Southeast had absolutely no idea what I was talking about.

So, if you see the bright green signage, there's no need to panic-pack your cart. These items aren’t going anywhere. Instead, you can shop even easier knowing you’re getting a preferred price on organic goodies.

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