The Costco Chicken Sandwich You Can Only Find In New Zealand Food Courts

Costco food court
Costco food court - George Rose/Getty Images

As much as Costco's customers can appreciate the deals on groceries, its food court has just as positive of a reception. People love being able to get a hot dog for under $2 after they shop and there's something so satisfying about eating the pizza. But while Costco's food court is certainly a favorite of many shoppers, the U.S. offerings pale in comparison to the ones in other countries, which typically feature a much wider selection.

In Costco Canada, for example, you can even get poutine, while in South Korea there's a bulgogi pizza. Many menu items at the company's stores all over the world are inspired by regional flavors, but in New Zealand, it offers an American classic — a "Southern Style" chicken sandwich. This sandwich is made with a battered piece of chicken, lettuce, and tomato, as well as a sauce and a slice of cheese. The same sandwich is offered in Australia Costcos as part of a combo that also includes French fries, but aside from there, you currently can't get it anywhere else.

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What Customers Say About Costco's Chicken Sandwich

New Zealand Costco food court
New Zealand Costco food court - Reddit

Judging by the comments on a Reddit thread, customers in the U.S. seem to be jealous that the chicken sandwich isn't available stateside, but how much are they really missing out on? That depends on how high your standards are when it comes to chicken sandwiches.

A local customer referred to it as "the best thing on the menu" while another in a TikTok comment shared, "I had it and immediately felt sick." The reviews do lean more positive, but most compare them to American chicken sandwiches either way. The one from the aforementioned TikTok even suggested the sauce on the sandwich was "the closest you're gonna get to In-N-Out sauce."

Some people who have tried it also say that it packs some heat. An American Costco shopper on another Reddit thread said "Nashville Hot" is a more accurate name than "Southern Style." However, an Australian customer pointed out that most locals associate Southern style with being spicy anyway.

Will The Chicken Sandwich Come To American Costco Stores?

Man standing in Costco food court in America
Man standing in Costco food court in America - Bloomberg/Getty Images

It's easy to assume that grocery stores have food courts just in case shoppers get hungry, but there's a bigger reason they are put in place. These spaces turn shopping into an experience, enticing customers to come in and ultimately drive more business. While that might be a priority for newer Costco locations in other parts of the world, U.S. locations already have an established customer base. This could explain why its food court offerings are fairly basic in comparison to stores in other countries and why the chicken sandwich has yet to be added to the menu.

This isn't to say it's impossible for the global retailer to eventually offer it. The chicken sandwich was originally on the menu in Australia before it was brought to Costco New Zealand, which didn't open until 2022. That being said, in recent years, the company has also been in the habit of discontinuing many menu items rather than adding new ones. Not to mention, chicken sandwiches are readily available at many fast food joints in America, so it wouldn't be surprising if Costco simply didn't want to compete in the chicken sandwich wars.

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