The Costco Canada Food Court Item American Shoppers Would Love To See In The States

Costco food court menu in Canada
Costco food court menu in Canada - oasisamuel/Shutterstock

Walk into a Costco food court here in the United States and there's a select — but popular — variety of menu items available to order. There's the cheese and pepperoni pizzas, the beloved and affordably-priced hot dogs, and the chicken bakes that contain Caesar dressing. But walk into a Costco food court up north in Canada, and you'll find one meal combo that we're quite shocked isn't available here: chicken strips with fries (yummy!).

Most red-blooded Americans are fans of chicken strips and fries (hence all of the fast food chains that focus on chicken like Chick-fil-A and Raising Cane's). The same seems to true be for Costco Canada's meal combo, because there are Reddit threads loaded with comments from American fans who long to have it available in the U.S. "Chicken and fries would be such a hit in the States," says one Redditor while another exclaims, "Bring chicken fingers to the U.S.! Let's trade the sandwich or chicken pocket thing." Then there are the Canadians, who are shocked to find out Costco food courts here don't have strips and tease how delicious the fried food actually is: "You guys don't have chicken strips down there? Legit the best thing on the menu."

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Costco Canada's Chicken Strips Seem To Be Delicious — And Affordable

Basket of chicken tenders and fries
Basket of chicken tenders and fries - Hope Phillips/Shutterstock

According to a menu from a Costco Canada food court, the chicken strips and fries combo costs $6.99, which is a bargain if they taste as good as Canadian Costco fans claim. An order comes with four large strips and an average amount of fries. The menu shows the items with a side of honey mustard, but we're not sure that it comes with an order, so you might have to stick with the ketchup pump that's there for the hot dogs. You'll consume around 1,300 calories with the meal — an expectation when eating fried foods at a food court, anyway.

Also available at Costco food courts in Canada are the fries on their own, with gravy, or with poutine (a classic Canadian dish). But surprisingly, these are not the only locations that sell some type of fried chicken. Did you know you can order a bucket of fried chicken at Costco food courts in Taiwan that have rave reviews? We might not have any fried chicken at Costco food courts around here, but you can still distract yourself with our ranking of all the items that are available in the U.S. — and the highest-rated food does at least contain some sort of chicken.

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