Costco Bakery's Latest Sweet Treat Makes the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Sweet and savory for the win.

<p>Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith</p> Photo: Getty Images

Amelia Manley/Dotdash Meredith

Photo: Getty Images

Costco’s latest addition to its popular bakery section have been a hit with many customers for its tasty flavor and flaky texture: Cinnamon Sugared Orange Rolls. Tiktok user @costcoguide, who first brought it to our attention, describes the swirled pastry as a churro mixed with an orange roll.

But not everyone has been an immediate fan. Some reviewers say the rolls have a nice flavor with a “hint of orange,” but a rather dry exterior and recommend reheating them for a few seconds first. “Maybe if you warm it up in the microwave it’ll make it a little softer,” says @floridamomof3.

Another Tiktok reviewer admits they weren’t as dry as initially perceived, thanks to the moist and soft filling. “Definitely taste the orange, but not overwhelming. It's not as dry as I thought it would be,” says @offthecuffmom, who ultimately gave the buns an 8 out of 10 ranking.

The sugared buns' unique texture has led Costco customers to get creative with the pastry. They've recently gone viral (again!), with many now raving about how amazing the rolls taste when paired with savory ingredients to tone down their sweetness. According to a recent Reddit thread, the orange rolls are a nice swap for regular buns or biscuits when making a traditional breakfast sandwich with ingredients like eggs, bacon, and butter.

How To Use Costco’s Sugared Orange Rolls To Make a Breakfast Sandwich

The buns’ thick, dry texture actually works in their favor when used in a breakfast sandwich. In the Reddit thread, user @Breakfastchocolate compares the rolls to “a very tightly rolled croissant” and notes that “they are sturdy, a bit dense but still good. They’re not crazy sweet which is nice.” The orange flavor is strong enough to stand out and add a little bit of citrus aroma and tang. There seems to be a touch of cardamom, too.

If you love Costco’s cinnamon rolls, these are worth trying for sure. Customers agree that warming the buns helps soften them and improve the overall texture, but turning the orange rolls into a breakfast sandwich seems to be a unanimous hit. Fry up some eggs and bacon, then sandwich them between a halved sugared orange roll as a creative and delicious way to boost your morning meal.

Reddit user @swimmingwhilereading scrambles his egg with sautéed onions, spinach, and goat cheese for extra flavor, while another user mentioned the need for sliced, melted cheese. (If you can't find the sugared orange rolls, you can always use another one of Costco’s breads or pastries for the sandwich.)

Eager to try the sandwich at home, Costco fans have chimed in with more add-in suggestions and other creative ways they've used the rolls. Redditor @humormeplease313 turned their box into French toast. “We sliced the morning bun in half (like a bagel) then dipped them in your standard french toast batter of eggs, milk, vanilla extract, fried them in some butter in our skillet on medium. Topped it off with some real maple syrup and a masterpiece was made.”

As these creative home cooks and Costco fans have proven, there's so much you can do with just one box of baked goods.

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