Cosmetotextiles: intelligent fibres

Cosmetotextiles: intelligent fibres

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Thanks to fibres with multiple properties, our clothes are anti-UV, slimming and ultra breathable. Cosmetotextile technology rests on cutting edge technology and powerful active agents. Now we can get material with high-tech fibres, specifically designed to make life easier!

Cosmetotextiles: what are they?

According to the official definition given by BNITH (Bureau of Standardisation for Textile and Clothing Industries), a cosmetotextile is a textile which contains a substance or treatment designed to be released over the long term onto different, superficial areas of the epidermis in order to achieve one or some of the following effects; cleansing, perfume, figure enhancement, skin protection, anti-odour or keeping you fresh.

Cosmetotextiles: sun filter fabrics

To protect your skin from the sun in the hottest part of the summer, new generations of textiles with anti-UV fibres means clothing actually looks after your skin. These new fibres are treated to protect against the sun’s rays and shield your skin as effectively as sunscreen. The factor indicated is in the ‘High’ category of UV protection (SPF 35).

Known already to surfers who have adopted anti-UV Lycra, used by the brand Roxy for example, this trend has spread into other fields. At Schöffel, specialist manufacturer in ‘outdoor’ fabrics, clothes are designed for protection during exposure to the sun whilst hiking, trekking, walking in the desert and during trips in canoes in far away destinations. This line of fabrics is an innovative approach to textiles used for ‘outdoor’ wear. This ‘intelligent’ clothing comes in t-shirts, tank tops and shirts and also in the form of shirtdresses and trousers.

Cosmetotextiles: ultra breathable fabric

Perspiration is a natural function and happens much more when the body is active. However, at the same time, it is unattractive, unpleasant and even uncomfortable. Modern life means we want to be able to run, play tennis, dance or simply have fun without the fear of those dreaded patches under the arms. Some ‘intelligent’ fibres can keep us dry and absorb odour.

Lightning Dry, developed by New Balance, a running wear brand, is based on an innovative technology. The fabric is based on polyester fibres known as ‘hydrophobic’, which are chemically treated in order to expel humidity more quickly. And it works! Say goodbye to patches under the arms and with them, the feeling of being soaked! Even during a full cardio workout, you will dry off quickly.

Another revolutionary technology is Bamboo Carbon. Much more than a decorative plant recommended by Feng Shui experts, bamboo possesses many qualities: it absorbs odour and allows humidity higher than 50% to be expelled from the fabric, which means faster drying. These qualities have not escaped researchers’ attention. Bamboo, once dried, boiled and moulded in a fine powder, is mixed with a polymer in order to form a fine mesh which is ‘ultra breathable’. This technology has proved itself very effective and has been snapped up by ‘outdoor’ brands like The North Face, a pioneer.

Cosmetotextiles: figure enhancing fabrics

Many women dream of slimming without any effort just by sliding into pedal pushers or a G-string, and cosmetotextiles allow us to do exactly that! So, what allows these fibres to successfully and unwaveringly track down those lumps and bumps?

The technique is called ‘Microencapsulation’, and involves cosmetic formulations and a mesh called a ‘second skin’ (or honeycombed). That is all there is to it. Microencapsulation is a technique that consists of isolating an active substance by encircling it with a polymer, forming a spherical capsule (the famous microcapsule).

This high tech system, amongst other techniques, has been developed by the brand Lytess, a specialist in cosmetotextiles, in its slimming range, Excel’slim. The brand has coined active agents like caffeine, mango and Shea butter, to expel stored up fat at the same time as hydrating the skin. Another fundamental element in this technique is the mesh. A knitted structure called a ‘second skin’ allows the active agents to penetrate through direct contact with the skin.

Another figure enhancing version is the anti-cellulite range. Lytess proves its expertise in this area with new active agents, combining red algae, to activate the release of fats, and Japanese pagoda tree extract, a powerful antioxidant. The mesh is honeycombed and the fabric acts through micro-massage. When the fabric rubs against skin the microcapsules break and release the active agents. With this type of clothing, slimming effects can be discerned after around 18 to 21 hours, and can be renewed if needed. Clothes made from figure enhancing fabrics can be worn during the day and at night. There are two types of pedal pushers or leggings (to target the hips, thighs and buttocks) and also G-strings for lumps and bumps around the stomach area. See the photo…

This cutting-edge technology allows the active agents to work slowly over time. The clothing can be washed as many times as needed: ‘more than 30 times’ as Jordane Jedwab, a communications consultant for Lytess, specifies.

A slimmer figure without anyone seeing or knowing, using a technique that is fashionable and sexy? What are you waiting for?

Catherine Maillard

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