Corrie’s Tracy Barlow’s crazy new hobby revealed as fans are convinced a comeback is on the cards

Coronation Street is set to drop some major news about Tracy Barlow next week, following her sudden exit from the cobbles. The character, portrayed by Kate Ford, bid farewell to the street recently after years of drama, hoping to start afresh abroad with her new flame Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn). This came after she cheated on Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and brutally ended their marriage.

Since her abrupt departure on Tuesday 2 April, Tracy has been missing in action, with no sign of her making a comeback to the Street and soap bosses haven't confirmed whether the character is gone for good or if she'll make a return. Meanwhile, Steve is still grappling with the betrayal and trying to piece his life back together, kindling a romance with newcomer Demi (played by Lisa Shingler). But it's clear he's not over recent events, and a revelation about Tracy leaves him distraught, reports the Mirror.

Simon Gregson in Coronation Street
Steve, as played by Simon Gregson, isn't very happy about the latest revelations about Tracy -Credit:ITV

In the upcoming episodes, Steve is livid as he comes across an article about Weatherfield County's plans to honour footballer Tommy by commissioning a bust of him. His anger towards his former idol leaves new girlfriend Demi puzzled. When she questions why he despises Tommy so much, Steve is compelled to reveal his heartache and how his wife Tracy had an affair with Tommy. But that's not all, as another discovery later in the week sees him seeking solace from his mate Tim Metcalfe.

Steve stumbles upon some photos of Tracy on her social media page, which depict her living it up with Tommy in the Mediterranean. The images show Tracy taking up a surprising new hobby -- she's paragliding with her new beau, and clearly having the time of her life in Spain.

Kate Ford as Tracy in Coronation Street
Tracy leaves Coronation Street for Spain -Credit:ITV

Steve can't help but feel wounded by this, with Tim sympathising with him. But could Steve jeopardise his budding romance with Demi if he's too hung up on the past? Could the photos of Tracy be a huge clue that her return to the show isn't planned, or could the constant mention of her suggest a comeback?

Fans will have to remain patient, as bosses are yet to confirm whether the character will make a return in the future. Tracy has, of course, been a popular character in the soap since she made her first appearance as the daughter of Deidre Barlow and her first husband Ray Langton more than 40 years ago. Kate Ford took on the part of grown up Tracy in 2002 and stayed on the soap until 2007, then returned in 2010 to play the role until Tracy's stormy exit last month.