Corrie star Sally Carman opens up on deepfake porn scandal and names top suspect

Sally Carman's character is about to9 go through a horrific ordeal in Corrie
Corrie star Sally Carman opens up on deepfake porn scandal and names top suspect -Credit:Mike Marsland/WireImage

Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin (played by Sally Carman) is about to go through a very tough time as she is the victim of a deepfake porn scandal.

In the episode on Wednesday 22 May, Abi’s boss, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) is sent an apparent ‘sex tape’ of Abi’s - and to her horror, the video ends up on more websites.

Talking about the moment Abi sees the video, actress Sally said: “She's horrified and disgusted but it's also very hard to compute that it's actually her.

“It goes back to that time when she was out of control and it’s scary. It’s that whole Jekyll and Hyde part of her personality where she’s dealing with a completely different person.”

Sally Carman acts out a new and shocking storyline
Abi's deepfake porn video gets seen by multiple people on the cobbles -Credit:ITV/Danielle Baguley/REX/Shutterstock

However, when Abi takes a closer look at the video, she realises the woman in question is not her - they’ve all deepfakes.

Sally talks about the moment Abi realises the videos are not of her: “I think there's a sense of relief, but I think mostly she's confused and reeling, thinking who could be doing this and why are they doing this.

“These aren’t just things you can do in 10 minutes, it takes time and money to do such a detailed convincing deep fake. She’s really confused and frustrated and scared.”

Abi hasn't seen eye to eye with Cassie since she arrived in Weatherfield
Sally suspects Cassie could be behind the deepfake video -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Fans of the show will know Abi has had a battle with addiction and so she has no knowledge of the ‘sex tape’. But when she realises it’s all been faked, there is one person who springs to mind as the culprit - Cassie Plummer.

Played by Claire Sweeney, Cassie has been trying to ruin Abi’s life and driving a wedge between her and husband Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell).

Sally revealed: “I don't think anything Cassie could do would surprise Abi because Abi’s done pretty much everything you could possibly do. I think what would be interesting is if Cassie were to cause any damage to Abi's nearest and dearest.”

Cassie and Abi both work together at the garage
Actress Sally suspects Abi's nemesis Cassie could be behind the videos -Credit:ITV/Danielle Baguley

While Abi is horrified that her boss has seen the video, she’s more fearful of what Kevin will think of her.

Sally revealed: “Life has been a whole fresh start with Kevin, yes he’s seen her vulnerable and upset and he's seen her relapse but it's kind of been forgivable because she lost her son through murder.

“There was lots of stuff that was really triggering and she did her best but she slipped, however this is something else. She’s desperate for him not to see this because it's actual visuals of her past which are being thrown very much into the present and she doesn't want that. It’s so damaging. You can’t unsee something like that.”