Coronation Street resident's exit 'sealed' after nine years as they make huge decision

Coronation Street fans should be prepared to say goodbye to a much-loved resident next week as they bid farewell.

Alya Nazir, played by Sair Khan, could be leaving the cobbles in a dramatic twist of events. The actress, who is expecting her first child, is due to go on maternity leave soon and it seems like her departure might be imminent with a new storyline unfolding.

In the upcoming episodes of the ITV soap, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) has a rendezvous with a new client named Rebecca. They share a bottle of wine at the Chariot Square Hotel bar, and it's evident there's chemistry between them.

Meanwhile, Alya calls Adam to remind him about a meeting back at the office, but he chooses to ignore the call. Back at work, Alya steps in for Adam and meets with Rich from Fabian's, impressing him with her skills.

Rich commends Alya for her knowledge and potential to become a future partner in the firm. As this meeting concludes, Adam and Rebecca arrive at the office mid-kiss, leaving Rich less than pleased, reports the Mirror.

Alya tells Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) that she’s decided to accept the job offer from Rich. In the solicitors, Adam and Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) struggle without Alya to organise them. Rich takes Alya for lunch in the bistro, congratulates her on such a successful morning and tells her that she’s exactly what Fabian’s needs and she’ll go far.

Adam is later left reeling when he receives an email from a client informing him that they're shifting all their business to Fabian. The plot thickens as Adam discovers he's not just losing a chunk of his workload, but also that Alya has snagged one of their top clients. How will Adam react to Alya poaching their business?

Later, when Michael Bailey reveals that according to Adam she’s accepted her job back, Alya’s furious and spotting Adam across the street, heads over to demand answers. Alya spells out to Adam that he can stick his lousy job and storms off. As Adam watches her go, it’s clear he’s smitten. Will Alya leave or can Adam convince her to stay?

The move for Alya comes after actress Sair couldn't contain her joy about becoming a mum, taking to social media to express her delight. She penned: "Life can be difficult and there'll always be challenges to face but there are also important lessons to be learnt and gifts to be cherished. We're so excited for the arrival of Baby Chilton in Spring 2024."