Have you been cooking your steak all wrong?

Alice Sholl
Rare or medium? [Photo: Pexels]

Steak is one of the simplest dishes out there to cook, right? One side in the pan, then the other. Done.

But if you want your beef to be a grade above this, you’d better ditch the frying pan, apparently – as a bunch of vlogging chefs say there’s a much better way to do it.

The only catch being that it takes 45 minutes, and you’ll need a water bath.

According to vlogging team ChefSteps, the ‘sous vide’ method will guarantee a perfectly-cooked steak each time.

Using a kitchen gadget – which is admittedly more expensive than your average pan – you cook the meat in a vaccum-sealed bag for between 45 minutes and an hour before searing it.

Steak dinner
There’s no denying it takes more time [Photo: Pexels]

And the gadget they use in the video – a Joule – has an app which calculates which exact temperature you should heat the water to according to the steak’s thickness.

Depending on how done you like your beef, of course.

And after leaving it in the bath for 45 minutes, they quickly sear steak in a hot pan with lots of butter, before removing it and drizzling the juices back onto it.

Which they say is the most foolproof way to cook a flavoursome steak without having to “babysit” it.

Trailblazing, or unnecessary? Perhaps you should give it a go.

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