Cooking An Even Layer Is Key To Preventing Soggy Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries on baking sheet
Sweet potato fries on baking sheet - New Africa/Shutterstock

Sweet potato fries, when done well, are the crispy, delicious snack or side dish to fulfill our savory — but subtly sweet — cravings. But, it's important to know how to cook them well, otherwise you're going to end up with a batch of soggy fries that aren't at all appetizing. Luckily, there's an easy way to prevent that: make sure that your sweet potatoes fries are cooked in an even layer.

Whether you're making oven-baked sweet potato fries or using an air fryer recipe, it is absolutely essential that you arrange the fries in an even layer on the baking sheet or in the air fryer basket, so that there is no overlapping amongst the fries. Further, you'll want to make sure that they're spread out enough so that they're not touching one another. These two simple steps will ensure that the fries bake thoroughly — whereas, if they're too close or piled on top of each other, they'll steam, instead of bake, and the fries will turn out soggy.

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Other Tips To Make The Best, Crispiest Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries with dips
Sweet potato fries with dips - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Making sure that the sweet potato fries get crispy should be the first priority — after all, if they're not crispy, then they're not worth having. But after you've arranged the fries evenly and away from each other on the baking tray, you can rest assured that they'll be crispy — and you can focus on other tips to make sure they're as delicious as possible.

For one, when you're preparing the sweet potato fries to go in the oven, make sure to cut the slices as evenly as possible. This is a great way to make all the fries equally crispy — again, we want to do everything we can to avoid soggy fries. Another way to ensure the crispness is to coat the fries in cornstarch before you coat them in oil; as it turns out, cornstarch is the secret ingredient to achieving ultra crispiness.

Additionally, when it comes to seasoning the fries, you'll want to add all seasoning — such as garlic powder, paprika, and so on — before baking, along with the cornstarch, but wait till after they've baked to add any salt. This is because the salt, if added before baking, can break down the oil, which will prevent them from crisping up. Finally, make sure you take the time to flip the fries over halfway through baking — it may be a bit of a tedious act, but this will make sure that both sides get evenly crispy.

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