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We don't know anyone who didn't adore Sally Rooney's Normal People adaptation, so it's little surprise another one of Rooney's novels is getting the TV treatment. The author's acclaimed first novel, Conversations With Friends, is going to be adapted into another 12-part series for BBC Three, with filming taking place later this year in Dublin, Belfast and international locations yet to be confirmed.

Co-producer Ed Guiney first revealed the exciting news back in May 2020 when he was asked if there would be a second season of Normal People coming. "Not in the short term. We've turned our attention – we're adapting Conversations with Friends as a television series." he shared. He also announced who would be behind this project.

"It's the same basic team," Guiney added. "Lenny's [Abrahamson] going to direct it and is across it as an EP. And Alice Birch and all of us at Element Pictures. So, in a way, that's what we'll be turning our attention to next. But maybe down the line we'll come back to Connell and Marianne."

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Speaking about the new adaptation, he continued: "I love Conversations with Friends, its depth, humour and freshness, and it’s an honour to be involved in bringing it to the screen."

Who's going to star in Conversations with Friends?

With Normal People setting the bench mark, the cast always needed to be an impressive one - and you won't be disappointed. Newcomer Alison Oliver will play Frances, while American Honey star Sasha Lane will star as Bobbi. Meanwhile, Joe Alwyn has been cast as Nick and Sex Education and Girls star Jemima Kirke will play Melissa

Photo credit: Getty
Photo credit: Getty

What's Conversations with Friends about?

The 2017 novel, which also explores themes of love and complex partnerships, follows 21-year-old college student Frances as she navigates a series of relationships that force her to face up to her own vulnerabilities for the first time. The official synopsis reads:

Frances (Alison Oliver) is twenty-one years old, cool-headed, and darkly observant. A college student and aspiring writer, she devotes herself to a life of the mind--and to the beautiful and endlessly self-possessed Bobbi (Sasha Lane), her best friend and comrade-in-arms. Lovers at school, the two young women now perform spoken-word poetry together in Dublin, where a journalist named Melissa (Jemima Kirke) spots their potential.

Drawn into Melissa's orbit, Frances is reluctantly impressed by the older woman's sophisticated home and tall, handsome husband. Private property, Frances believes, is a cultural evil - and Nick (Joe Alwyn), a bored actor who never quite lived up to his potential, looks like patriarchy made flesh. But however amusing their flirtation seems at first, it gives way to a strange intimacy neither of them expect...

When is Conversations with Friends going to air?

There's no release date yet, but we already know this is going to be top of our watch list when it does drop. It will air on BBC Three in the UK and Hulu in the US.

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