Consider This Temperature Tip When Brewing Espresso At Home

espresso brewed into glass
espresso brewed into glass - Daria Aleshina/Shutterstock

When it comes to making espresso, there are many factors to keep tabs on. From not grinding coffee too finely to properly tamping for a perfect shot, the quality of the brew rests on many small decisions. Another critical detail to watch out for is temperature. The amount of heat during coffee extraction impacts the flavor and yield amount. Certain flavor compounds are affected by temperature, leading to a more acid-dominant palate in the lower range and a greater perception of earthy notes in the higher degrees.

With its small amount of liquid per shot, espresso is prone to cooling too rapidly, thereby skewing its flavor. So, to create a better drinking experience, take the extra effort, and warm your cup. Either pour hot water into the vessels right up to extraction or place the cups onto the topside warmer — if your machine has such a capability. Extract and enjoy, with less stress to drink it all up quick.

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Pre-Heat Espresso Cups Prior To Pulling A Shot

holding an espresso cup
holding an espresso cup - Pinkybird/Getty Images

Finding the ideal espresso temperature can be a tricky endeavor. Although espresso pours out of the machine at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, such a state is too hot for human taste buds. Thankfully, the coffee will cool immediately after brewing, first while leaving the machine and later while coming in contact with the cup. As a result, it won't take long for the joe to reach around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which is believed to be the ideal drinking temperature.

However, pour the coffee into an overly cold cup, and it'll shock the brew. The flavor palate will be altered, which is why you shouldn't pour freshly brewed espresso over ice. So, to best preserve all of the espresso's delicious flavors, pre-heating both the cup and brew group makes a difference. To knock out this step with ease, simply flush your espresso machine with hot water, sans any grounds. This will get all the brewing components up to temperature and pour hot water into the cup, all in one go.

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