Connie Britton recovering from 'mild' case of Covid-19

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Connie Britton has opened up about her experience recovering from Covid-19.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the 54-year-old revealed she had "just got over" the virus, and shared tips for parents trying to keep their children from catching it while they're positive in the same house.

Britton's first tip was wearing a mask indoors, noting that if "you're both masked and avoid face to face contact, that can keep the virus from spreading".

The American Horror Story star acknowledged "avoiding face to face contact with your 10-year-old" is not easy, but suggested staying in separate rooms.

"I basically stayed in my room (here seen with Merle, who along with my other two dogs, was great company) and told (my son Eyob "Yoby" Britton) the kitchen was off limits," she continued, referencing a black-and-white selfie with her pups. "Then I could go in there masked and prepare meals for both us which we'd eat in separate rooms."

Britton explained that the "worst" part was not being able to hug her son, who "has spent 1/5 of his life now upended from this pandemic".

"Which brings me to my other point. So many lives have been lost, families have been ravaged, so much fear and suffering and loss over this thing. I am vaccinated and boosted and my case was so mild, if it wasn't COVID I wouldn't have missed a day of work. I was so grateful, having feared the damage, particularly to the lungs, that a bad case of COVID can do," the actress continued.

Britton also insisted that her son's vaccines made it possible for him to return to school sooner.

Accordingly, she encouraged fans to do "whatever you can to keep your immune system strong," including wearing a mask and getting vaccinated.

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