Community Menus

Apr. 26—Clinton Schools

Monday: Pasta bake, breadstick, peas, carrots, steamed broccoli and Sidekick. Breakfast: juice, milk, cereal and cheese toast.

Tuesday: French bread pizza, steamed cauliflower with cheese, green beans and pears. Breakfast: juice, milk, sausage and pancake on a stick with syrup.

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin on bun, curly fries, baked beans and oranges. Breakfast: juice, milk and breakfast burrito.

Thursday: Nachos, refried beans, tater tots and mixed fruit. Breakfast: juice, milk and donut.

Friday: French toast sticks, syrup, sausage, hashbrown and grapes. Breakfast: juice, milk and stuffed cream cheese bagel.

Camanche Schools

Monday: Breaded chicken sandwich, emoji fries, carrots, celery and pineapple tidbits. Breakfast: juice, milk, cereal, GoGurt and peaches.

Tuesday: Soft shell tacos, refried beans, corn and strawberry applesauce. Breakfast: juice, milk, egg and cheese biscuit and pineapple tidbits.

Wednesday: Ravioli, breadstick, lettuce salad, broccoli, cauliflower and Sidekick, Breakfast: juice, milk, pancake on a stick and strawberry applesauce.

Thursday: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, baby carrots, dinner roll and Clementine. Breakfast: juice, milk, biscuits and gravy and apple slices.

Friday: Pepperoni pizza square, lettuce salad, glazed sweet potatoes and mixed berries. Breakfast: juice, milk, cereal bar and Clementine.

Northeast Schools

(All students in Grades K-5 have the option of an alternative main of peanut butter and jelly uncrustable, string cheese, whole grain crackers (Goldfish or pretzels), vegetable, fruit and milk/water daily.)

Monday: Grilled ham and cheese, tri tater, steamed carrots and fruit shape up. Breakfast: juice, milk, cinnatwin or cereal.

Tuesday: Breaded pork tenderloin on school made bun, tater tots, baked beans and apple. Breakfast: juice, milk, bacon breakfast pizza or cereal.

Wednesday: Pizza Hut sausage pizza, mushrooms, romaine lettuce, pears and pumpkin bar. Breakfast: juice, milk, confetti pancakes or cereal.

Thursday: Mandarin orange chicken, rice, stir fry vegetables, chicken and vegetable egg roll and pineapple. Breakfast: juice, milk, ham, egg and cheese breakfast bar and toast or cereal and toast.

Friday: Chicken quesadilla, steamed broccoli, cheese sauce, strawberries and ice cream. Breakfast: juice, milk, cinnamon roll and string cheese or cereal and string cheese.

Milestones Area Agency on Aging

Monday: Corn chowder, turkey salad cold plate, tomato wedges, garden pasta salad, wheat roll and raspberry gelatine with mandarin oranges.

Tuesday: Roast beef, gravy, baked potato, green beans, wheat roll and sliced peaches.

Wednesday: Cheese pizza, roasted zucchini, wheat garlic stick and ambrosia.

Thursday: Baked chicken, creamy noodles, seasoned spinach, wheat roll and fruit.

Friday: Baked ham, California blend vegetables, cornbread muffin and scalloped pineapple.

Locations include Park Towers, 329 6th Ave. S., Clinton; Prairie Village, 1141 13th Ave. N, Clinton; Camanche Community Center, 329 9th Ave., Camanche; and DeWitt United Methodist Church, 222 12th St., DeWitt.