Is "Coffeenade" Going To Be The Next Big Thing?

An iced coffee is a summer classic, and although we've seen a few iterations of it (dalgona, matcha etc) we've never seen a combo quite like the one it looks like Nestlé is embracing with a potential new drink.

"Coffeenade" might be coming from the company behind KitKat, Smarties and Milkybar. Nestlé has applied to register the coffee-lemonade hybrid name with the Intellectual Property Office under class 30 and 32 - the classes related to caffeinated drinks and lemonade.

Does this mean a whole new iced coffee product could be coming to shop shelves this summer?


Starbucks has a recipe on its website for lemonade coffee, but as far as we can see there's been no major brand making ready-to-drink versions of the combo.

According to reporting in The Grocer, there's a similar Algerian drink called Mazagran that's also popular in Portugal made from coffee, sugar and lemon juice, but again no ready-made product on the horizon.

Nespresso also has a recipe for a non-fizzy version of the drink on their website which uses just espresso, lemon juice, ice and sugar syrup to create their version of Mazagran.

Even though the flavours of lemon and coffee aren't a natural combo in our minds, we can see how this would be super refreshing in the summer, and perhaps create a lighter drink than a milky iced coffee for a hot summer's day.

Whatever happens with the rumoured "coffeenade" you'll be the first to know, so watch this space.