Apr. 17—Gingham Pals Homemakers Club

The Gingham Pals Homemakers Club met at the home of Eleanor Arnold on Thursday, April 11, 2024. We scurried through the rain to the door carrying our salads for the Annual Salad Bar and enjoyed a delightful meal before our meeting.

President Beth Walsh opened the meeting having us recite the Club Creed and the Pledge to the flag. Ten members answered roll call by naming a favorite pet. Eleanor Arnold read the minutes and they were approved with one correction. Treasurer's report is the same. We passed the envelope for donations to the food pantry. Kay Story is working on bibs for the baby show and Beth gave us a link to sign up to sit at the Root Building at the fair, June 29 to July 6.

For Citizenship, Debbie Richardson handed out information on medical air-lift. The Commissioners have made an agreement with PHI Air Medical aircraft; all Rush County residents can sign up at no cost and be able to be transported from Rush County or any adjacent county for no charge as the need arises.

Members had a opportunity to pay dues tonight. They must get them to Anita Mohr, treasurer, before May 1.

The Rush County Garden Fest is Saturday, May 18, at the fairgrounds, and Homemakers will have a booth. We will be selling Rada Cutlery and various plants and items of interest. This will help fund our scholarships that are given each year.

We are hosting the kick off for the new year on June 3 at the Jackson Community Building. We will be responsible for paper goods, drinks and a main dish. It will be a pitch-in. We will use a "Come to the Fair" theme and Debbie is checking with Jen Young about a presentation on Hope Center for Rush County. Many shared their recipes of the delicious food we enjoyed. Mary Roller led us in singing in round form, Make New Friends. It was fun!

Kay Story gave a short lesson on "Where Do Salads Come From?" The ancient Babylonians, Romans and Greeks were the first to eat greens. They used salt, oil and vinegar on them. The Latin word for salad is SAL, meaning salt. The early salads were heavily salted. Columbus introduced lettuce to the New World. There are four main kinds of salad. Lettuce, antipasto, bound (potato, chicken, etc. bound with mayo) fruit/dessert (combined with Jello). In the 18th Century, chef salads grew in popularity with the addition of meat, eggs and cheese.

All agreed it was a good evening and great to be together.

Friends Too Homemakers Club

Friends Too Homemakers met March 20 at the Booker T. Washington Building in Rushville. President Diane Paris asked Kay Hineman to lead the pledge to the flag and Betty Gold to lead the Homemakers Creed. Kay read the inspirational thought from II Corinthians 9:6-16. Secretary Dorothy Mahan called the roll with, Homemakers answering with a favorite flower, and then read the secretary's report.

Birthdays recognized were for Susie Case, Diane, and Betty.

Treasurer Sheilah Link gave her report. Hostesses are needed for the Root Building during the fair. The October 7 Fall District Meeting will be at Center Christian Church near Mays. Sheilah presented a lesson on "origami" with all participating in making paper items. It was a learning experience and a fun time. We thanked Sheilah.

Linda Kuhn made a delicious homemade cake, other enjoyable items, and drinks for refreshments. We all enjoyed them. Diane added her coffee to top things off.