Clive Myrie issues huge job announcement away from BBC News

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Clive Myrie has been a staple on BBC News for years, but the TV personality has revealed that he is broadening his horizons with a new travel show - and we can’t wait!

The broadcaster, who has worked at the BBC since the 1990s, will be fronting the programme Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure, which will see him exploring his heritage. In a video clip, he shared the happy news on X, formerly known as Twitter. Speaking to the camera, he said: “Wagwan, Clive Myrie here, my Caribbean Adventure is coming soon.”

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Chatting about his new show, he said: “This series was very much about trying to tell a little bit of the history of the Caribbean through my family's eyes and the connection it has to me. I’ll be unearthing my ancestral roots and reconnecting with family members I didn’t even know I had!

Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure
Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure

“I’ll be taking in the vibrant streets of Cuba, the nightlife of Jamaica, the lush landscapes of the Dominican Republic and the beach paradise of Barbados. Look forward to fantastic food, a melange of so many things - chicken, lamb, fish all chucked in together with a rich tapestry of spices and incredible flavours.

Clive during his Caribbean adventure
Clive during his Caribbean adventure (Production)

“I hope viewers take away a piece of sunshine from the Caribbean. It’s a really joyful series and one I’m really proud of. I hope viewers also take away a sense of the history and culture of this beautiful part of the world. The vibrancy, the creativity, the friendliness of its people.”

Clive Myrie and Barbara Beckford outside the beautiful Devon House in Kingston
Clive Myrie and Barbara Beckford outside the beautiful Devon House in Kingston

It sounds like fans will definitely be tuning in, with one person replying: “Love your trips and your enthusiasm for the country. Can't wait.” Another fan added: “You're a bit of a superstar sir - always a pleasure to watch you.” A third fan posted: “Excellent @CliveMyrieBBC keep up the great work you do. Best ever journalist.”

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Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure is out on 27 May
Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure is out on 27 May (Production)

Clive, who is married to furniture restorer Catherine Myrie, spoke about his early childhood, telling The Independent: “Trevor McDonald was the only guy on screen that looked like I did. One week he'd be in one country, the next week in another. He seemed to be having a really good time, really enjoying it. I thought, from a very young age – seven, eight – that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to travel and see the world and experience life.”